Monday, 14 March 2016

The Result

This week was amazing!
Sounds like the beginning of a movie or something.. anyway
We were able to get a good full week of work in this week and it was awesome. We kept working in Haguimit which is the area closest to our meetinghouse with NO SUCCESS. Not really none but very little. Everyone always says that the people closest to the church are the hardest people to teach. So we have been trying to teach or at least talk to as many people as we can in that area. We found one person who wanted to listen so that area is just going to come slowly.

But something that I think I have said before is in those moments when we are walking around and talking to everyone and trying to get something to happen those were the times when nothing was really happening. But because we were working so hard that's when the blessings come! Example: We were working in Haguimit and trying to make something happen there and nothing was happening but because we were working so hard we started to see miracles in other areas! We went to a Less Active family and we found out that everyone is baptized in their family except for one of their kids and a grandchild so ages 9 and 14 so if we help that family come back to church we can also get the other 2 baptized.

The Zone is doing amazing! This week everyone's key indicators (investigators at church, lessons, etc) DOUBLED! I love my zone! They are so pisan! (diligent) even though we are the smallest zone everyone is doing great! I guess you could say everything is pretty fulfilling right now.

What else happened this week....
-our house is infested with birds because we don't have a ceiling just a tin roof..
-I ate squid again
-truth is I am pretty used to everything around here so I can't really tell when something is weird or out of the norm.. haha I'm filipino now!

We get to have another Mission tour this week so we will be going to Bacolod to have a meeting with Elder Haynie and his wife and then later in the week the rest of the mission will meet up for the trainings. It's going to be a good week.

We are also getting everything good to go this week for two baptisms for the end of this month and we have April set up pretty well for baptisms!

AND I still can't send any pictures! just keep building the anticipation!

I love you!
-Elder Warnick

Bacolod Mission - March 1, 2016. Zone Leaders, STL's, AP's and Office Staff
 Elders:Paskett, Christensen, Tacuban, Ehninger, McCracken, Warnick - Departing August 3, 2016
Sisters: Silos, Lozada, Jasareno, Narisma - Departing March 30, 2016

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