Monday, 28 December 2015

Challenge Accepted

So the day finally came and I left my home in Cadiz Zone.. It was really hard and different because I had been there for so long but it was time to leave. It was a great area and I am glad I was able to spend 6 months there.

This morning I finished up packing and left the house. It was weird to walk away but I was excited to see what today had to bring. We caught a bus and made it to the mission office just in time. Everyone who was transferring was in the chapel and there was a short devotional and then they served us pizza. They did it a little bit different this time and we just had to walk up to the AP's and they told us where we were going and who we were going to be with. I'm not gonna lie Cadiz Zone was one of the most successful zones in this mission so I was feeling really good about what we had done for that zone and the mission. So I was really expecting something great again. But they told me I am going to La Carlota Zone, it's one of the smallest zones and has bad reputations. That's really the only hard part about it. Everyone has a bad attitude about the zone. No one really expects anything from it... So it's a humbling experience but I am ready for the challenge. So don't worry about me!

We had a good week though. We did a lot of fast exchanges almost everyday because everyone was getting ready for their Christmas baptism so we had to do a lot of interviews. Our Zone did great and we had over 30 baptisms in our zone just on Christmas!

Christmas was great! I loved talking to the family and we had to great baptisms! It was great to have one of my last baptisms in that area be the father of the Matulac family! There is nothing better than having a whole family baptized!

I don't really know what to think right now.. I am scared and excited! I just really hope I can do something good for this Zone! I'm willing to take advice from anyone!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! It was weird to think that was my last one here in the phillies! Time goes by fast! I'm sure this next week I will have a lot more to tell you about everything new! So right now I will just tell you everything I know! My new companion's name is Elder Ballesteros he is batch with Elder Derecho (who is now AP) haha and our area is super mountainous kono so I am excited for that because I haven't had that yet and it is actually really close to my first area just a different zone. We are actually right next to a big volcano so that's super cool!

Just waiting for these pictures to finish uploading.. it's always a lot slower here in Bacolod. We are going to stop back at the office in a little bit and then head to the mountains! ahhhhh I don't know what to expect!

I love all of you! Thank you for everything!

-Elder Warnick

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Even though there is no snow and stuff over here it still feels a lot like Christmas!

So I'll tell ya'll a little bit about what it's like over here Christmas time!
  • So kids go door to door basically caroling and they have little tin cans because after they sing they expect you to pay them money. When we were at our apartment and they came by we turned off the lights and hid because they weren't going to leave unless you pay them!
  • There of course is no pine trees here so what every neighborhood does is they make a Christmas tree for their neighborhood out of trash/bottles/basically whatever they can find! I am going to try and get a picture of it this week.
  • Everyone asks you to give them presents. 
  • Christmas music is blasting everywhere! There is no rules about how loud peoples music can be so yeah.
This week was great though! We had to spend the first couple days searching for our investigator because she wasn't at her house and she wasn't texting us back. So one afternoon we both had the impression to go to her house even though it is an hour walk and it was pouring rain. We made it to her house and she wasn't home. But we were able to find out that she was coming home that night and she had just been really busy at school with a dance and Christmas parties and stuff. We got her already to go for her interview and then the next day we did the exact same thing and hiked up to her house through the mud and rain but this time WITH our district leader haha

So Rodel.. our gay investigator he opened up even more to us this week about his boyfriend... Basically this means that he needs to be interviewed by President. But everything is still looking good for his baptism this Christmas. We just have to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid before that. (last night he was at a Gay pageant.. I guess he won it last year so he had to turn over the crown to the new winner... oh Philippines...)

The Baptism was great! It was the same day as Elder Nonato's Birthday and the Ward Christmas party, so there was a lot of support from the ward. April was her name and her brother who is about to go on a mission was the one who baptized her. For me that is so much better when other members like close friends or family are the ones that baptize them!

We had to do last minute exchanges yesterday so that we could get some interviews done for some District Leaders. So I got to go with Elder Benedict (from Layton) again and we went way up into the mountains and they had a awesome group there of about 30 people and it was just something new that was really cool.

I'm really excited for this Christmas because Tatay Matulac (the matulac father) is going to be baptized! Nothing feels better than completing families! And it's always nice to be able to baptize a Dad or someone who can receive the priesthood. Because that has been one of the hardest things in this area getting males to listen to us.

So because the year is winding down I just wanted to let all of you know how much I appreciate all the support and love. It's not easy but this has been the best experience of my life. I hope all of you have a great Christmas and I'll let you know next week where my new area is!

Elder Warnick

Elder Nonato, April's brother, April (her baptism day), Elder Warnick

Monday, 14 December 2015

Patience Kuno...

First I'll teach ya'll a lesson about this language: the word KUNO is used as like "he said, or she said basically if you used kuno you're saying that someone else said it not you. So "Patience Kuno" Translates to- he said patience. I'll get back to that.

So let's see if I can remember what happened this week... For some reason I can't remember what we did. We just worked!

The Christmas Devotional was super good though. Yeah we were lame and had to wait a week for it to be here because of time change and stuff but I still loved it and couldn't help but miss Utah! haha but it's okay I got over it fast!

We had another baptism this week but it didn't go as planned. AT ALL.  As most of you know my mission has a goal of "weekly baptism" so Sister Nikka who was planned for this saturday told us it wasn't going to happen because there was a birthday and stuff and there was a Fiesta outside her house it was like the whole Shrek deal where everyone is living on his land.. everyone was gambling and cock fighting-I saw too many bloody roosters. So she wasn't going to be able to leave her house easy. We told her we would just do it Sunday morning and then she would be confirmed right after in Sacrament Meeting. But she didn't come early enough to get baptized so long story short her baptism was after church and we have to wait until next week for her confirmation! And her son was screaming and crying the whole time! (You can see it in the picture) Elder Nonato didn't have his baptism clothes because he left them in his last area so he baptized in one of those jump suits the investigators use. BUT. She got baptized and she was happy and so were we! She was golden!

We blessed another house this week! It was one of the biggest houses I have seen in this area it's like solid concrete! That's how you know if they have a good house! haha we had a ton of food and we also blessed their store. So yeah!

Alright so here's the good story.. of how I needed to learn patience.
I'm a missionary and I'm on the other side of the world. So when I found out that I had a package I was super happy. BUT it was at my District Leaders house and they weren't home. But we were in the area sooooooooooooooooo we stopped by and broke in. We actually used to live in that house so one of our keys opened their back door! BUT I didn't know that the bad lock thing was in (you know that lock that slides back and forth) anyway I may have put my shoulder into the door and popped off the pad lock.. I Fixed it haha but yeah my district leader referred me to Preach My Gospel pg 120 "Patience" haha we had a good laugh and hey I got the package! haha Patience Kuno

Other Highlights of the week:
  • Our Gay investigator told us he was gay. haha we already knew. BUT he wants to change and his baptism date is set for Christmas.
  • Our neighbor's kids came over to our yard and pooped in our weeds...
  • There is a Typhoon! But don't worry we aren't getting hit.
2 weeks left in this area. But I am excited for what is to come! Excited for Christmas and just everything! I'm feeling like this might be one of my best Christmases it's my last one here but I feel like it's going to be a memorable one.

-Elder Warnick

Elder Nonato, Sister Nikka, Sister Nikka's son, and Elder Warnick
Little kid doing his business in our yard
Picture from Elder Derecho (Mission Secretary) from when we served together

Monday, 7 December 2015

Happy Hanukkah!

So this week was awesome! Like just probably because it was different than the norm. I really love my area but I have been here so long that it all just feels the same. So this week was a nice break from that!

On Monday we went to Bacolod and we had lunch with all the Leaders again and we did a lot of leadership games on how we can work better together! It was super fun and President is super competitive! haha he beat everyone in Ping-Pong and he could hold his own in Basketball even though he's only like 5' 6" haha

The MLC itself was one of the best ones I have had. Because it was at the Mission Home which just makes it that much more Homey. The only thing is we had to present a training on Leadership. It went well it was just kind of weird to train other Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. But we had a huge breakfast and a roasted pig for lunch! It was legit!

Zone training was really good! We actually ordered food so that after the training all of us in the Zone could eat lunch together. And afterwards I went to Paraiso (Paradise) with the District Leader and we did exchanges because they are both new to the area so I wanted to help him find a bunch of new investigators and give him some tips to get their area going! Their area really is Paradise-they get fed like 4 times a day by their members! Anyway their area is on it's way to getting good!

We also started something awesome this week where we give a member the money we would have spent on groceries and she cooks us dinner every night! Just a good way for us to actually have a good cooked meal so that I don't get any skinnier!

We made Baye-baye this week which translates to "Girl-Girl" Its this dessert made from a type of rice and sugar and coconut. You add all the ingredients into a wood basin type deal and then with a big stick you grind up all the ingredients until it's like the consistency of cookie dough. It's hard work but I did it! haha Natives always underestimate me because I'm white.

The ward here is so awesome! They aren't super strong members because this area is pretty new but they help out a ton! For Sunday we had a lot of members go and pick up investigators for us! Which was so helpful because that is the biggest problem is getting the investigators to come to church! But we had a lot of new investigators come to church and I'm kind of sad about part of it because I know that I won't be here for some of their baptisms.. But I am excited for them!

Christmas is coming up! It definitely has a different feel here but it's still good! I am excited that I get to be in this area for Christmas and we have some good Baptisms set up for that day!

Palangga ko kamo! Biscan lapit lang ko nga magpuli. Magobra ko gihapon kay kabalo gid ko nga ini ang obra sang Dios.

Elder Warnick

Part of my Mission Batch (We arrived in the mission together)