Monday, 25 May 2015

You really got Skinnied

So I wasn't sick this week which was good because being sick is miserable enough even if you're not on a mission! So we had Zone Conference this week and I was able to see a lot of missionaries that I hadn't seen for a while and we were trained on being self-reliant and working with members we also had to do ANOTHER musical number so I have no idea who's idea that was but they keep picking us! haha But the Zone Conference was awesome and I am way sad that President Ferrin is going home.. we all knew he was only temporary for 6 months but those 6 months flew by and he did awesome. So my new Mission President will be getting here in June pretty sure most missionaries don't have 3 mission presidents on their missions! haha

So we had a way interesting meeting this week with a Pastor.. he was a referral because he talked with some missionaries last week at a restaurant and happened to live in our area. Long story short the lesson was boss and he was like fluent in English so we could really expound and explain even though it was super hard for me to teach in English! So I guess it's going to be a regular thing every Thursday so we will see how that goes!

We just had a lot of solid teaching this week and tons of members able to work with us so it was like a missionary's dream!

There are mangoes everywhere and we end up eating like 3 a day each and I never thought I would get sick of mangoes but I guess it's a thing.

So besides the fact that I was sick last week I'm losing so much weight in this area! WE WALK SO MUCH! I don't know how much I weigh but every member that sees me always says "Nagniwong ka gid!" which directly translates to you really got skinnied. So somehow I'm going to start gaining some weight! :/

MARK CAME TO CHURCH! That was like the highlight of the week! He has always been way shy to come to church even though he reads like crazy and has a huge desire to be baptized. Anyway we told him we were going to stop by in the morning and go with him to church but when we stopped by he was already to go and got on his motorcycle and met us there! It was sweet!

We also baptized the last Pelarios kid Rodel and he got confirmed yesterday.. we have really been pressing with their parents and his mom finally came to church and when we stopped by their house the dad promised he would this Sunday so good things are happening!

The weather is super weird lately there will be lighting storms every night and it will randomly be pouring rain but then it will be a crazy hot day? "It's more fun in the Philippines"

That's it for another week on the other side of the world!
-Elder Warnick

Monday, 18 May 2015

Sakit (Sick)

Really long week and a lot of stuff happened so I'll just start now! First off I'm pretty sick right now.. I was up all night throwing up, I'm not going to go into to much detail about it but yeah I'm sick and it's way hard to do anything right now but it was pretty lucky that it happened on a p-day because we have Zone Conference tomorrow.

Last monday was awesome because I got to skype! We skyped at the church at night and ended up getting locked inside! haha and the church was super secure so we were stuck for good but we managed to get a hold of some members and they got us out! Definitely a weird experience!

Things are going extremely well in one of our areas called BUGASOK basically it's a little village behind a sugarcane field and we are pretty much teaching everyone there! Our baptism this week came from someome who lives there!

Again sorry for the content of this email because I really am feeling palagput right now... But other then that the mission is really going great!

We contacted like crazy this week and found so many new investigators and part member families. It's so cool how when we contact Less Actives how much of a testimony they still have even though it's been forever since they went to church. Someone we are going to be teaching this week actually is a Priest from a different church he probably wants to Bible Bash and stuff but we are just going to show him the Book of Mormon.

Our baptism on Saturday was super awesome because a month ago CrisileJane came to church on her own and then we started teaching her and found out that her aunt is a Less Active and now she is baptized! She was so super shy but the baptism was super good!

Sunday was missionary Sunday so I gave a talk and it was about humility I feel like it went pretty well but somebody passed out while I was speaking so most of the congregation was focused on her.

Things are going good though and hopefully I can get over this sickness soon because it's not fun at all! ANYWAY the church is true!

-Elder Warnick

Stripling Warriors - Austin and Friends (Created by Austin's Friends Mom)

Monday, 11 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

So the week was way good tons of work and a lot happened. So we have a whole list of people to contact at our house and we worked super hard this week to contact most of them. Most of them seem pretty promising so we will have to see what will happen.

First off Happy Mother's Day! From the other side of the world. Sorry for the confusion too I didn't mean to get the skype time mixed up but I am looking forward to skyping later. Seems like I just barely skyped last month... the mission is way fast..

We had Zone Training this week and me and Elder Baldwin had to do a "special musical number" I feel like it was alright but I don't really know. haha I was shaking pretty bad and I'm definitely not a singer.

One of the nights when we were out working in our area we were trying to get back to a dinner appointment in the city but because it was already past 8 are chances of getting a tricycle were pretty slim. But this huge sugarcane truck stopped and the driver let us in it was pretty sweet and the guy was pretty nice but he didn't seem to interested but he did try to speak to us in english, if anything it was a pretty cool experience!

Mark's progress is going awesome he is down to only one cigarette a day and we gave him a blessing this week so that he would be able to have the strength to withstand the desire to smoke. It's hard because he really wants it but it's way hard for him but he's got a ton of faith.

I put on a picture of the nasty dog that is always barking at me but it still doesn't do the dog justice of just how disgusting it is.. haha

We had 3 baptisms on Saturday and it was really awesome because it's always awesome to have a baptism but they were all siblings so it was super cool to see them get baptized together. The older sister has work in the other town next to us so she wasn't able to get confirmed. We will do it next week and hopefully soon their parents will get baptized as well!

So the other night we were waiting to have a meeting but we were already in the city away from our area and we had about 20 minutes to wait for the meeting to start and we went and got mangoe shakes but on the way back to the church I totally tripped over the curb and was all over the street my arm got pretty beat up and I bet it scared some filipinos to see a big american totally eat it. I'M ALWAYS TRIPPING AND FALLING! oh well... at least I didn't spill my shake.

I'm super bad at this whole email things so if there are any comments or complaints let me know! ;) haha

-Elder Warnick

Monday, 4 May 2015

Just Pray for Us!

Another week! So things here are going super great! I know I say that every week but it's just what happens on the mish I guess that is when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing!

So remember Mark? We scheduled a family home evening (FHE) at his house this week and had planned on Bishop's counselors to go with us. We got to Bishop's house and no one was there! And that was where everyone was supposed to meet up to go to the FHE we waited about half an hour and I was thinking all hope was lost but 5 minutes later his counselors arrived and basically all the youth in our ward! And I'm not kidding! There was like 30 of us at the FHE it was so awesome! And so now Mark's family is way interested! YES!

The work was basically the same this week, we had been doing about the same thing everyday so we are going to try and mix things up this week!

Bishop's son got his mission call this week and it was way sweet because we have been working with him for months and now it's cool to see that he has a mission call too! He got assigned to Auckland, New Zealand! I was way pumped because that was like my dream mission! And it's super rare here for filipinos to get assigned outside of the Philippines!

Friday was one of the weirdest days here! I guess in the morning while we were studying there was a fight down our street and someone got stabbed.. we went out to drop something off at a members house and she called us inside super quick because she said it was dangerous! But nothing was going on everyone was just standing outside and then we went back to the house and there was a dead kitten outside our gate?? It didn't seem to bother anyone and the neighbors just picked it up and put it on a pile of garbage they were burning... So that's not even all of the weird day! haha when we were out working on the way to our next area these people pulled up to us in a jeep and offered us a ride so we took it and they dropped us off at our area. When we tried to pay they said "No, it's fine just pray for us!" I thought it was kind of funny.Alright and to end the weird day when we were trying to contact a former investigator we were walking around in an area that we had never gone to but when we were walking down the road this toothless lady with crazy hair motioned for us to come over to her, we walked over and asked if she knew who we were looking for she told us yes and where to go but as we walked away she was like cackling.. it was so creepy! And we never found the people! haha

Saturday was pretty good! We didn't have a baptism but we got to help the sister missionaries with their wedding at last minute I had to conduct the wedding! Yeah me! My first wedding I ever went to and I had to conduct it! It was a cool experience though! And they are getting baptized next week so it's way cool to see how people's lives change!

I think that was the week! It's finally starting to rain again which is so nice because it's been dang hot the last couple months!

The mission just keeps going and time never stops!

Thanks for everything! Love you all!

-Elder Warnick