Monday, 13 April 2015


So first off Conference was awesome. Kind of cruel that they hold it back from us missionaries for a week. But it makes sense because if they streamed it live it would be like the middle of the night here.

So my week.

So we were really focusing on members working with us this week because everything seems to go better when we have them working with us. But nobody was super committed so we ended up having to work by ourselves sometimes because they didn't show up. Oh well the church is still true and the work goes on.

We have a huge mountain in our area called Bow-Bow and I guess there is one investigator there and the small town surrounding the mountain is full of Less Actives so we were planning on going there and just basically having some crazy adventure but once again nobody showed up.. haha ahh patay... (dead)

We actually ended up getting a ton of good lessons this week and all of our investigators are set for these next couple weeks to be baptized. And we have somehow found even more investigators just from teaching our regular investigators like there is one 14 year old kid who is so ready for the gospel, his mom got baptized last year but never got confirmed so we have to reteach her and hopefully we will be able to baptize her and her son.

We tried to find short cuts and stuff like that this week while walking through our areas so there was a lot of crossing through rice fields and sugar cane. A couple rivers too. And one night we were out so late waiting for our baptism candidate to get home and we had to walk all the way home because there was no more tricycles. I don't know how many kilometers it was but it was a long walk!

We have a baptism this Saturday and it has never felt more fulfilling because we worked so hard to get all these baptisms set up for the next couple weeks. Transfers area also next week so if I transfer AGAIN I don't know what I will do.

General Conference was awesome and it was definitely everything that I needed. All the talks were super good and conference is just a really good thing for a missionary. I loved Elder Gibson's talk and Elder Ballard's too! Priesthood session was a win. While we were watching conference and people were coming into the chapel I saw a lady that looked familiar and I realized it was Sister Buslay from my second area after the session we talked and caught up and she took me and my comp to lunch!

I think that was the main stuff of the week.

I cut down some mangoes off the tree with that weird tool thing so that's what the picture is.The mangoes aren't yellow yet so it was super sour but they still eat them here and just dip them in salt!

-Elder Warnick

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