Monday, 19 October 2015

The Dog Days Are Over

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday and I think it has taken me this long in life to realize that nothing is really about me. If I remember in high school I tried to be a nice kid and I just wanted people to like me but through it all I may have just came off as cocky or stuck up. I have never had anything else in life been able to slap me in the face and put me in my place other than my mission. AND I LOVE IT.

I also want to say sorry/thank my parents for everything they have ever done for me. I was a handful as a kid and it's amazing that I ended up the way I am, I know I wouldn't be here without them! It's hard to see how fast time has gone by but I am excited for the future.

Well okay so here we are this week was windy! I guess we are currently in a typhoon according to most people here. But it's not really hitting here on Negros so we are just getting hit with strong wind and lot's of rain. The power went out like 10 times just yesterday.

We had exchanges this week and it was super fun! I got to stay here in Caduha-an and I was with Elder Benedict he is still kind of new in the mission but he did pretty good with teaching and the language! He's from Layton Utah actually! While we were on exchanges it seemed like all the problems in the zone happened all at once. Maybe it was because I was the only Zone Leader in the area or I don't know but we had some problems with sisters and their ward with rumors and stuff and even worse a companionship that was sick/wanted to go home. Both of them. So I made some calls and did my best, it's not really ever fun having to call the APs about problems in the zone but I got to talk to E. McCracken which is always a good time. Long story short one of the elders got transferred and everything SHOULD be going good.

Our baptism was super good! It was probably the best support I have seen from this ward! The whole room was full and there were multiple families there to support! The Matulok family is who was being baptized they were a referral that me and Elder Slater received about a month ago and they were just golden! The mom and her two daughters got baptized and we are getting super close for the Dad to go to church. There also were two child-of-records from the ward they were twins and so I baptized them too and there names were SO hard Willem Liam and Willen Lian haha doesn't seem too hard but they were twins and they almost had the same name! Let's just say I messed up like 3 times.

Now here is the bad news... the Matulok family never showed up to be confirmed.. I guess their youngest son collapsed Sunday morning and they rushed to the hospital and weren't able to be confirmed. They were pretty sad they weren't able to go to church and we were too! And now they have to wait 2 weeks because we have Stake Conference next week...

The ward is really coming around though! I think a huge part of it is because of Elder Derecho! He is super good with the members and now we have members working with us almost everyday and referrals + dinner appointments! Basically everything a missionary could ask for! We were at a members house eating last night and I was wondering why it suddenly started turning around and the member told me that it was because Elder Slater was too intimidating! hahahaha so yeah problem solved I guess!

So the "surprise" birthday party actually isn't going to happen! The members were too shy to tell me yesterday so they pulled aside E. Derecho and told him that it just wasn't going to work out! haha I thought it was funny they thought they would offend me or something! Anyway no birthday party! It's all good though we are gonna have fun today! We are going bowling and stuff! Whooo!

So the week was good! That's about it!
Love you all!
-Elder Warnick

-The fruit here is so much better than back home! I had like 3 pineapples this week and some investigators gave us like 50 bananas!

Baptism with everyone
Don't worry - it was dead when we found it
District meeting - I am the only American and we were locked out of the Church again

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