Monday, 26 October 2015

A Little Slice of America

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Still kind of feels like a birthday even though I am here!

I'm sitting here in this hot sweaty computer shop teenagers are gaming and this little kid is just running around making chaos and his mom is next to me on the computer not doing a thing about it haha gotta love it.

So I guess I am not getting skinny anymore! haha Some members said I was "slowly getting fatter" haha we will see how long that lasts because next week is transfers and they might send me to the mountains!

It was birthday week for everyone not just me! There was at least 3 other birthdays this past week! On Monday night we went to a members house who said they would be having a birthday party for their kid we showed up and everyone was gone except the parents! haha they just wanted us to eat! And there was a TON of food! :)

Tuesday we had district meeting of course! And we made a trip to 7-11 afterwards! Which was just what I needed! A little slice of America! Then I was able to grab my package before coming back to Caduha-an. The Relief Society was pretty sweet and they made me a lunch because that whole "surprise birthday" didn't go through! But later that night we made a birthday cake so it was all pretty good!

We had exchanges again this week but I had to go to their area for the interviews.. and it is such a long tricycle ride. Turns out their baptism candidate wasn't even there so we rescheduled for Sunday because it was Stake Conference.

The rain died down this week and it's just back to the heat... BUT it's okay because my umbrella is hanging on.. (they don't last too long)

We blessed a house this week. Since I have been here we have had about 5 families ask us to do that! So the plan was to have a FHE at their house and then bless the house at the same time. Saturday was the plan but we found out Saturday morning that Elder Bowen of the Seventy wanted all the missionaries to be at the Saturday session of Stake Conference. So we ended up doing the Family Home EVENING at noon haha but it all worked out and conference was super good!

The week was good, fast and the zone is doing awesome! I'll be sad to leave IF I leave haha but change is good and new areas are always exciting! BUT still I have no idea if I will be transferring!

Well that basically was everything! Hope that everyone has a awesome Halloween! We will be proselyting in the graveyards on the 1st! :)

I'm out!
Elder Warnick

Birthday donut
Birthday Cake
Missionary Bus
Birthday Lunch - They Killed a Chicken for Me

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