Sunday, 21 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Alright so week one down in my new area! I swear I have dislexia or something because last week I said my area was Latisay! Haha IT IS CALLED TALISAY in the Bacolod North Zone and my companion is Elder Alfeche (Al-feh-chee) he is my favorite companion so far and he is from Manila which means he is really good at english! He is also the District Leader here.
Our area is like half city and have shacks and sugarcane fields.
Tuesday we got groceries and stuff at the big nice grocery store because we weren't able to last monday because of transfers. I met Sister Buslay she is a really nice member in our ward that fed us7x since I have been here every other day she fed us and two days she fed us twice! She said I remind her of her son because we are the same age and we have been out the same time and I guess he is tall and skinny too. 
Wednesday we had district meeting and our district is so huge! It is made up of 3 wards and every ward has a set of Elders and Sisters! It was cool to meet new people and even better that half of them were younger in the mission than me! haha After the District meeting we had to go to the mission office to drop off baptism records and there was a HUGE package for me like big enough for 4 USPS flat rate boxes to fit in. I told Sister Mower (the mission nurse) that there was no way that was for me. She insisted that is was and that I should open it. WHen I did there was about a 2 inch layer of toothbrushes and toothpaste! I was so confused and then I saw a pacakge for someome else inside. So I guess what happened was the sender of the package put two of my packages in there and sent a bunch of stuff to the mission as well.
Thursday we went to a really far area and in the attached picture you can see me and my comp were just walking along side the road for like 45 minutes! It was fun but super hot! It started raining like crazy and we were in the jungle but a family let us in and we taught them!
Friday we got to drop off our laundry at a members house! I am so glad that there are members here who want to wash our clothes because mine were starting to get pretty stained up because I am not very good at washing by hand. 
Saturday we traveled to SILAY which is in our district to do a baptism interview and the sisters there needed me to do a baptism for them! So that was fun to get to baptize someone again! 
Sunday was awesome! The ward here is so amazing! The building is huge-two stories and it is actually air conditioned. we had 210 attending and I had to give my testimonty in front of everyone! But I felt like I did alright and everyone was just smiling. We have great support fromt the ward and it feels like home here! 
So things are getting better and better everyday! We have a baptism set up for christmas and the language is getting better everyday!
Salamat para sa tanan kag Halong Kamo! (Thanks for everything and take care!)
-Elder Warnick

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