Sunday, 7 December 2014

20 months na lang! (20 months left!) haha

So yeah I hit my 4 month mark this month haha and it went by generally fast but it is just pretty hard in the beginning. 
This week we had a lot of teaching like always and it was all over the place. We worked with members and the bishopric this week to find less actives. Tons of finding and contacting referrals/ less actives! It is way hard work but I realized whenever we go visit a less active home there is ALWAYS a potential investigator there! So it all works out! 
There was a small family. Husband, wife and a newborn baby. We went and visited them two weeks ago-they are former investigators I guess they kind of just got lost in the paperwork or something as missionaries transferred and such. But the wife her name is Bepsie like Pepsi with a B and she told us this experience when we revisited her for our follow up appointment. The day before we visited their family the first time she had been praying and praying because she wanted to find out what the true church was (Joseph Smith situation right?) and I guess she had been praying for a sign and apparently that day was the day that we showed up! When she said that I was super shocked just because that's one of those crazy situations that you always hear from missionaries but I never expected it to happen to me! So freaking sweet!
We had Zone Training this week and it was all focused on CHRISTMAS and if you haven't seen it already this: we were trained on this big initiative the church is making to spread the gospel-they are going to take over youtube and it's going to be a big focus for us missionaries to share "the gift".

The Tabanyag family told us this week that they finally have the DESIRE for baptism so If that continues than we will have 4 baptisms on Christmas! :) and they are continuing to keep our commitments and come to church! YES!

We were supposed to get hit by a huge super typhoon this weekend and our whole mission was on lockdown friday-saturday BUT there was no rain and no wind! It was actually nicer days than usual but we had to stay inside the whole time! So lots of personal study! It was good though I love reading The Book of Mormon.

Food this week:
We had mangoes finally and they are the juiciest sweetest things ever! Also there are these little tubes of icecream called AGOGO and it is milk, sugar, cream pineapple and coconut! It's so good! And I also had fresh watermelon! FRUIT IS THE BEST.

I think that is everything this week! It was a crazy week but I can feel the prayers and support! Thanks for everything!
-Elder Warnick

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