Monday, 14 September 2015

2 is better than.. none

First off shout out to pops, Happy Birthday!

This week has been crazy! But nothing new for a missionary!

Our zone dive bombed... It's still awesome and everyone is doing crazy good work but our zone had 2 baptisms this week. That's better than none I guess! And we always have to remember it's souls! Not numbers! But they were our baptisms. :/ kind of hard as one of their leaders! BUT we have made some new goals and are going to help out some struggling companionships this week!

It rained a lot. We walked a lot. And we had a super good week! THE TWINS came to church this week and a lot of other people that we didn't expect to show up but sometimes you are just blessed with miracles! I think that's something we noticed recently that even though we would be working super hard nothing would really be showing for it. But then God would bless us by putting random people in our life. And now currently all our progressing investigators aren't even any of the people we found on our own! Gods ways are higher than our ways!

We had a one day mission baptism and ward home evening wrapped all into one this weekend! It was a super busy day but we really got the ward involved sometimes it feels like me and E. Slater are training the ward on HOW to be a ward! haha but they are learning and STARTING to be friends to our investigators.

The baptism went awesome! I baptized sister Marissa and her daughter Nicole they were super happy and we were so lucky to baptize them. Turns out back before we got here the other missionaries were just teaching Nicole. But she was 7 years old!!! They had her baptism date set for her birthday back in August. But they never had talked to her mom! She actually was relatives with a really active member! They live right next to each other! Anyway we didn't have to do much other than teach because Marissa's friend/relative was such a big help! And now we most likely will be teaching her husband! Member missionary work!

Weird or Cool things that happened this week:
-A dog peed in my shoe because you have to take your shoes off before you go into a house...
-We ate at a weird hamburger shack place that didn't settle in our stomachs..
-I climbed a coconut tree
-We killed this huge spider that was as big as my face. (it WAS poisoness)
-We braved the market this week and got a ton of veggies.

All in all the days are flying by and I am just hoping to make every moment count.

I love you all and I am sorry if the pictures don't work. Filipino computers you know!

-Elder Warnick

Elder Warnick, Nicole, Marissa, Elder Slater

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