Monday, 7 September 2015


The trip to Bacolod was AWESOME! I had heard all these legendary stories of how MLC works or how the night before works and I was excited! Last time kind of shot my expectations but round two was a good one! After emailing last week we met up with Elder Paskett and Clarke and hit up a pizza place at the mall! We kind of just hung around and talked to other missionaries at the office  until the supply elders told us they needed our help with loading some boxes and this is where it gets good! Elder Slater has a Philippines license because when he was in another area he had to use a truck because the area was so huge, SO he was able to grab a mission truck and we had it for the night to help the supply elders and those trucks have good sound systems! We were blasting BYU Vocal Point...then they took us out to eat at this fancy place caled "21" and I had such a good steak! It was a good time.

In the morning we had our MLC and it was at the MISSION HOME! Just makes it more cozy! We had breakfast and training and President showed us a lot of clips from movies because they were applicable! It was kind of nice to see parts of movies but still weird. One of the big things about the MLC was focusing on being accountable. Which I liked a ton because blaming or assuming never works out and President taught us how we can be more Christlike Leaders.

We had a baptism! It felt good after all the work we had put in! I don't think I have said too much about Sister DelaCruz, she had been taught by the missionaries forever and was never baptized she would never commit to a date and shy away from any invitation to do anything but we were committed to help her make the next step and all it really took was sitting down and talking to her and helping her resolve her concerns of coures it wasn't easy because she still had doubts but when we helped her realize this is what would help her she changed and her testimony at her baptism was super strong!

We got twins! We started teaching a pair of twins this week and it's super hard because their names are Mary Grace and Mary Joy! They look exactly alike! Mary Grace was brought to church last last week by her cousin so we followed up with that and found out she has a twin! They are super funny and awkward but we see good things happening.

The ward is coming around too! They all started helping out a little more and actually caring about the investigators! We have been finding like crazy and have a ton of hope for this month! Every month we have to collect the goal for baptisms for the zone and our vision is to baptize weekly. Our Zone has 11 companionships meaning 44 baptisms a month BUT after calling everyone we figured out we had 55 planned! Due to some weak planning though it might be closer to 47 but still if we can achieve our goal we would be happy ZLs.

Well this week should be a good one! Hope all of you can do sometime crazy this week like ride a carabou.

-Elder Warnick
Zone Training


Sister DelaCruz and Elder Warncik

Elder Warnick, Sister DelaCruz, Elder Slater and Others

Campo Field

Elder Warnick - Riding a Carabou

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