Monday, 28 September 2015


It was family week! It was a crazy week! And super fun, I don't think I have had a decent sleep for a week or more!

We headed over to some other elder's area Tuesday for some interviews. They had their baptism candidates way up in the mountain so we did splits.. it was way early in the morning so I went back to the house with Elder Ehninger and I did interviews/house check with the Elders at the house. So that took a chunk out of our Tuesday.

Wednesday was a whole different situation.. We traveled to a different elder's area to do a surprise house check but really we were there to do exchanges with the elders that were having some problems with obedience. Things seem to be turning around even though it all went a lot deeper than we thought. We also were able to conduct another interview over there.

Thursday was the first day we were actually able to work! That's how crazy everything was. But we prepped Roselinda and Rosemary for their baptisms! And got them interviewed so that Roselinda got baptized this week and Rosemary for next week. This was a super cool baptism because they couldn't have been more prepared! Roselinda lost all her Word of Wisdom problems so fast and her mom was just ready to be baptized after the first visit! We did her baptism Sunday morning because then she would have been free of problems for a straight week. Not too many people showed up for the baptism because it was early before church but I gave a talk and it was a good little baptism.

Saturday we were invited to speak at National Family Week which is a Philippines thing that they do every year just basically focused on the family! haha the whole stake was there and we got up and got everyone involed talking about the importance/responsibility of family! AND THEY FED US SUPER GOOD FOOD AFTERWARDS! I was actually full and satisfied for once! haha

Sunday we were invited to come back to the Stake for their Council meeting. We focused on retaining new members and basically we just worked the rest of the day!

Now we are here again in Bacolod for our MLC! We have been all over the place so we're kinda low on funds haha it's all good though we are gonna get spiritually and physically fed at MLC!

We are kind of nervous for next week because transfer calls will be in... and well we really love our area and the ward is starting to help and progress and we have set up baptisms for all of October! And hey it's super fun being with an American! BUT whatever happens happens, so if I am no longer a zone leader next week or I have a new companion it's all part of the change.

I love all of you so much! Thanks for everything!

And hey it was family week! Let your family know you love em!

-Elder Warnick
Elder Slater, Roselinda, Elder Warnick

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