Monday, 7 December 2015

Happy Hanukkah!

So this week was awesome! Like just probably because it was different than the norm. I really love my area but I have been here so long that it all just feels the same. So this week was a nice break from that!

On Monday we went to Bacolod and we had lunch with all the Leaders again and we did a lot of leadership games on how we can work better together! It was super fun and President is super competitive! haha he beat everyone in Ping-Pong and he could hold his own in Basketball even though he's only like 5' 6" haha

The MLC itself was one of the best ones I have had. Because it was at the Mission Home which just makes it that much more Homey. The only thing is we had to present a training on Leadership. It went well it was just kind of weird to train other Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. But we had a huge breakfast and a roasted pig for lunch! It was legit!

Zone training was really good! We actually ordered food so that after the training all of us in the Zone could eat lunch together. And afterwards I went to Paraiso (Paradise) with the District Leader and we did exchanges because they are both new to the area so I wanted to help him find a bunch of new investigators and give him some tips to get their area going! Their area really is Paradise-they get fed like 4 times a day by their members! Anyway their area is on it's way to getting good!

We also started something awesome this week where we give a member the money we would have spent on groceries and she cooks us dinner every night! Just a good way for us to actually have a good cooked meal so that I don't get any skinnier!

We made Baye-baye this week which translates to "Girl-Girl" Its this dessert made from a type of rice and sugar and coconut. You add all the ingredients into a wood basin type deal and then with a big stick you grind up all the ingredients until it's like the consistency of cookie dough. It's hard work but I did it! haha Natives always underestimate me because I'm white.

The ward here is so awesome! They aren't super strong members because this area is pretty new but they help out a ton! For Sunday we had a lot of members go and pick up investigators for us! Which was so helpful because that is the biggest problem is getting the investigators to come to church! But we had a lot of new investigators come to church and I'm kind of sad about part of it because I know that I won't be here for some of their baptisms.. But I am excited for them!

Christmas is coming up! It definitely has a different feel here but it's still good! I am excited that I get to be in this area for Christmas and we have some good Baptisms set up for that day!

Palangga ko kamo! Biscan lapit lang ko nga magpuli. Magobra ko gihapon kay kabalo gid ko nga ini ang obra sang Dios.

Elder Warnick

Part of my Mission Batch (We arrived in the mission together)

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