Friday, 15 August 2014

2nd Week

Well it seems as if I'm finally in to a routine now, sleeping and eating and class and language. It all just kind of blurs together. This past week we had the chance to teach an investigator 4 times it was all in the language so it made it extremely hard and the lessons had to be super short and simple.
My District is such a great group of elders there is now 7 of us because this Wednesday I got another companion so now I am in a trio. (makes it a little bit easier to live with Elder Clayton because he is super strict yet somehow is slow at the same time so we are always late to things... the other elders are super funny and awesome the other two elders that I room with are Elder Ehninger and Elder Heslop. They're a pretty good team and the other two are Elder Paskett and Elder McCracken they went to the same school together and now they are companions! It's crazy!
We play soccer every day during gym and it's such a nice break! 
I'm definitely learning patience with my first companion because he is literally always by my side even if I step outside the door to get a drink or throw something away he has a heart attack because I left him for 5 seconds... Unbelievably frustrating.
Oh well! On Thursday I saw Elder Joel Bateman and I really almost cried! It is so crazy to be here at the MTC because everything is so confined, you feel as if you aren't even in Utah anymore! I also Elder Tyler Stanley and he is just the coolest! He was supposed to go straight to England but they had problems with the visas so he is here for two weeks! 
I memorized how to invite someone to be baptized in Ilanggo so I guess that is progress!
Well I have to go change my laundry now... 
AMAT-AMAT (little by little) 
Elder Warnick

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