Friday, 8 August 2014

First Couple Days!

Well it's finally here and it is the craziest thing that I have ever done.. Its so weird to have this name tag on and to be representing the church. But just like everything around here, you just get used to it! 
Once I was dropped off I was handed books, and materials as well as important information that I needed to go throughout the day. I guess they try to make it as easy for the new elders as possible, but with that little orange dot on my tag it really didn't make me feel very helped. Despite the constant "Welcome to the MTC elders" from all the "older" missionaries.
We started off class right away there is 6 Elders in my district and they are some of the coolest guys I have ever met! Our teacher Bro. Winfield is the coolest teacher at the MTC he is really patient with all of us and he served in the Bacolod Mission as well.
The routine is pretty easy. Waking up at 6:30 is a lot easier when you have a good reason to get up. (to beat the rush to the showers) The MTC is super organized and they have everything scheduled down to the minute.
The language is hard but amazingly comes pretty naturally if that makes any sense? They encourage us to SYL (speak your language) at all times. Which is hard but definitely helpful! So many words are going through my head all the time and it makes talking extremely confusing!
Without a doubt P-day has been the best day so far. Going to the temple as well as getting 2 Packages in the mail were the highlights of my day next to wearing normal clothes again! My branch consists of 3 districts half of us are going to Bacolod and the other half are heading to Iloilo but we all are struggling to learn Illango together.
The whole companion deal is probably not my favorite thing in the world because who knew that it would be so annoying to have someone wait for you outside of the bathroom and always be within "sight and sound" but i know that he means well and he helps me a lot with the language and being punctual. Because "if you're not early, you're late."
I've seen a lot of people here at the MTC like Brady Clark who got to escort be which was a huge blessing because I had no idea what I was doing and it was awesome to see him as soon as i stepped out of the car.
I've also seen Henry Clinger who graduated with me and was on seminary council with me. He just hit his hump (half way mark) and seems like he knows everything that he is doing.
Other kids from payson that i got a chance talk to were Connor Mitchell and Gunnar Mortensen. It's nice to see a familiar face now and then.
Everything is going great and I'm learning a lot!
Elder Warnick

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