Friday, 22 August 2014

Almost half way!

Today was a week of ups and downs. 
There was a lot of rainy days so it seemed to but kind of damper on things but I realized that the important thing was to find out the little things that would make me happy! Like PERSONAL STUDY! Personal Study is the one hour of the day where I can be by myself and with the lord as well. I never realized how much I cherished being by myself. 
When something is difficult or bothering me in life I was so used to just getting away from it and walking away from whoever or whatever was bothering me.
The MTC is NOT the case! With a constant companion you have to learn to deal with problems instead of walking away from them. This experience has taught me how to be patient.
We had a chance to hear from Sister Jenny Oaks Baker during our Sunday Night Devotional, she is the daughter of Elder Oaks! She had a great message about using the talents that Heavenly Father has given you.
During our temple walk this week I saw Elder Bateman and got a picture with him! It was so great to be able to see and talk to a buddy! And it seems as if I see him all the time now!
My Cousin Elder Dallin Warnick arrived this week and I have seen him twice! Seeing familiar faces is one of the most joyful things here at the MTC! 
My District is one of the oldest ones here now on our floor because everyone has shipped out and we are almost to our halfway mark! We are getting a new district leader on Sunday/switching SR and JR companions.
We have really picked up on the language this week and are teaching 2 investigators! Jose and Marialina our lessons are generally 20-30 minutes long and are like 95% Ilanggo! It is so tough but pushing yourself to speak the language during the lessons really helps with the progress and understanding of it. The toughest part for me is the fact that Ilanggo is reverse of English so if I were to say "I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE" in ilanggo it would be "KNOW I TRUE CHURCH" but i guess it makes sense in Ilanggo. Apparently the key is to think simple and not try to complicate things/follow english grammar.
I also was sick this whole week because apparently a week or two into the mission districts all get sick? That's what some of the other districts were telling us because if you are constantly around a group of people and living with them it is pretty easy to get sick. But I'm finally feeling better plus Elder Ehninger (i can never spell his name right) gave me a blessing the morning after I realized I was sick. It was his first blessing ever and you could tell that he was nervous but I'm glad that he was able to give it to me and he did a really good job.
The MTC is a great experience but this food is going to be the death of me! (Jeremiah 4:19-20 That verse describes the food here perfectly ;) ) And I have gained 10 lbs already! I look the same so I have no idea where it is all going but my teacher told me how I'm going to loose it all anyway.
Our service that we do each week is working in the cafeteria we get to put away food in the freezers and date boxes and such and there was a gated off place downstairs that our supervisor told us not to go to. There is a sign that says "Any missionary found beyond this point is subject to being sent home" he said he doesn't know what is back there but he is pretty sure that it is like some secret escape route or something.
But all in all I'm doing good and pressing on!
Elder Warnick

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