Sunday, 12 October 2014


nother week and it goes by so fast! So some more stuff about my companion-My companion is a native from Isabelle Provinice and he has been out for 15 months! He loves basketball like a ton! He's 5'6" So I stand about a head taller than him. He is super funny and he doesn't really know english too well so it's funny to hear him speak! SO I actually miss the SNOW AND COLDNESS of Utah! But I think I have gotten used to the weather here and sometimes I wake up in the morning shivering! AT 80 DEGREES! It's crazy! I played basketball with a bunch of pinoys last week and I DUNKED it on them (i think their rim was like 9 1/2 feet haha) it was sick! HAHA they always are commenting on how tall I am which is something I NEVER got in Utah! 
It was way hard at first and my mission is the TOP baptizing mission in the WORLD so with that comes a lot of work!  We baptize every single week! Something that has been on my mind is how the mission is the mission and home is home! AND to never let it be an option to go home early because way too many people go home early! The field is such a shock because it is nothing like the MTC you are actually in the real world and even though you are following guidelines and rules it's like having a ton of freedom! Everything is different and a lot more real! I wasn't ready for how real is was going to be and my first week when my comp was taking a shower (out of a bucket) I would just be crying...I always found myself just being super sad and then I realized when we got out of the house and started working it is so true the saying "forget yourself and go to work" but even more real my saying "you forget yourself when you work" it's hard to just forget yourself-make the switch and just be a workhorse but if you really just start working it happens automatically! That is what helped turn things around for me! AND PRAYER, prayer has never been so real in my life and through it I feel so much closer to God and always pray for the gift of tongues because once you're in the field you realize that the language is so different it's because of the SPEED and ACCENT!  AND IT ALL COMES WITH TIME! And lastly something that really helped me was "Why should it be easy for us when it was never easy for HIM" meaning Christ. He never had it easy!
Something that kind of made me mad this week is they don't really care to much about conference here in the Phillies... We watched priesthood session and the saturday session but then only like the first session of sunday... it made me really mad because I missed out on a ton of stuff! I really like Tad R Callister's talk the one about parenting- he spoke to us at the MTC when I was there! I didn't hear Elder Scott's... Or Ballard or Bednar so yeah I missed out on a lot of stuff... so we haven't had any baptisms the last two weeks but we have like 6 on the 25th! So that is pretty exciting! I'm finally getting used to things around here! 
Remember that visit I talked about last week? The one about how when we went into the house there was a casket in there? They keep the caskets in the house for 7-14 days here and Yesterday we went to the funeral service for the Sister who passed away and the car that was holding the casket was driving down the street at about 5 miles an hour and all of the family was walking behind it, and my companion and I were in the crowd too and I have never felt so out of place  in my life! This white guy within a crowd of Filipinos standing a head taller than all of them marching to the cemetery. It was weird for sure but they were all HAPPY! Even though not all of them were members, really believe that they can see their loved ones again and that is SO COOL!
Sorry I don't know why this email is so long this week it's just a lot of stuff has been going on! And I always think throughout the week of what kind of stuff I am going to email home but always end up forgetting.. So I guess I'm just kind of rambling trying to get all my words out! 
LANGUAGE IS STILL HARD. But I have faith I can learn it.
Our cell phone broke the other day and we needed to submit our key indicators to our district leader so we spent the night at their house and that also helped me to realize how nice of a house me and my comp have! I am way blessed! Born and raised in the church and never have had to experience half the stuff people experience here! But I love it and am so happy that I am out serving The Lord! :)
Elder Warnick

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