Sunday, 26 October 2014


ONE MONTH! WHAT? I really don't know where the time goes! Everyday goes by way fast! We are always doing so much always busy and I guess that is why it goes by so fast!
Also because so much happens it is really hard right now to think of everything that happened... Let me think...
We taught 55 lessons this week and had 2 baptisms! Sadly we had it worked out so that my companion would baptize one of our investigators and I would baptize another and then the cousin of the last one would baptize him. BUT the girl who I was suppose to baptize drank coffee 2 days before her baptism... So we have to wait. But I really believe that all things happen for a reason and I obviously don't think that it is good that she drank coffee but I don't feel like she was completely ready for her baptism anyway. This week we will be able to focus on her more and hopefully by the end of the week she will be prepared!
But at least we had 2 baptisms this week! Roberto Billiones and Ashley Kilayco these baptisms were really awesome for me because I actually got to see these two progress all the way from the first time we taught them until they got baptized and it is super cool to see how people can progress! The gospel is such a blessing and I am realizing more and more why I came out here! How can we keep the gospel and the blessings of it from anyone!?
2 weeks away from the next transfer! And that is when our district leader and his comp are going to be moving in with me and my comp. This is way good for me because they all speak really good Ilanggo so I think I will be able to pick it up a lot faster after that!
I'm having a real hard time remembering what happened this week... 
The cool thing about my area is that we teach people all over-from the city, to the sugarcane fields, to the beach and clear out to the middle of nowhere! 
We gave 3 blessings this week and it's amazing how much faith some of these investigators have even though 2 of them never keep our commitments or go to church they still believe that through the preisthood that we have they could regain their health because of a blessing that we gave them.
So what's my near death experience this week you might ask? Well we were walking to one of our lessons and all of a sudden I hear this huge WACK! And I look down because right in front of me a huge coconut fell from a tree 75+ feet up and it landed RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I don't really know how hurt I would have been if it hit me but if I was ONE step ahead of where I was I would have been hit!
Also I saw 3 spiders the size of my hand! Maybe bigger! I managed to kill 2 but the other one climbed INTO our "washing machine" (it's not really a washing machine because it doesn't really get the job done just kind of swishes the clothes gently back and forth) And I did a little exploring at our house and there was this little side house next to ours and I opened it up and the creepiest doll was just sitting there in a chair right when I opened the door! THINGS ARE CRAZY HERE! But I love it!
So yeah I'm still alive and I am looking up a lot more now! ;)
Again thank you for all the support!
-Elder Warnick

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