Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Other Side of Heaven (or something like that)

So it has been a long week! I think that is the first time I have ever said that because usually it seems like the weeks just fly by! But we had a lot of stuff going on this past week!
On Tuesday we had a district meeting and it is always nice to see other missionaries and help eachother out with insights on how we can help our investigators to progress! Afterwards it was Elder Archuleta's birthday so we went to a pizza place called D'CRUNCH and they make 30" pizzas and the 8 of us elders ate 2 of them! It was so much food! After that we went to a birthday party for a guy named TATAY DUDS (tatay means dad) and they fed us even more food so I felt like I was going to explode! This week was all about food for me! After we had that amazing pizza I bought ingredients to make good old pancakes! And I may or may not have had them for 3 breakfasts this week! 
We were teaching so many lessons this week and at the end of the week we had taught 52 member present lessons... and THAT IS INSANE considering that my comp was sick for one day and we didn't even teach that day! We had to get 3 investigators ready for their baptism that is going to be this saturday so lots of lessons and interviews!
I got a haircut and it was one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had but I find myself saying that about everything I do here! They give you a shoulder, arm and head massage with the haircut so it is kind of awkward but I wasn't going to complain! They actually do a pretty good job with haircuts considering it is all done with clippers. FILIPINOS ARE PRECISE! I am convinced there is no human error here! If  you don't believe me you just have to watch their driving! It is insane but I have never seen anyone crash!
Almost all of our investigators came to church this sunday which was super awesome and basically a miracle! We finally got a new phone yesterday after going a week without one! 
Yesterday was Zone Conference and it was my birthday too! We went to Binalbagan and our whole Zone was there! President Lopez gave us some training and told us that for the month of September our mission baptized 590 people! 590!!! It really amazes me how many baptisms we have! Apparently at Zone Conferences President Lopez gives a shout out to everyone who had a birthday since the last zone conference! He gives everyone a toothbrush and says OPEN YOUR MOUTH. Referring to the scripture that states if we open our mouths they will be filled with what to say. Also it is important to OYM to everyone so that we can find people that are searching for the truth!
So the heat is insane and there are so many bugs I can't even believe it! A couple nights ago while walking home in the dark we walked past a stick in the road but something didn't seem right to me so I turned around and pulled out my flashlight and shined it on the "stick" turns out it was a 5-6 foot long snake! I walked literally a foot away from it! Things like that don't even phase me anymore and back in the states I probably would have ran away terrified! I'm constantly relating my mission to THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN. I feel just like him especially how he felt his first couple days there.
So yeah it has been a crazy week and I've almost been in the field a month! TIME GOES BY FAST! I'm doing my best to make every moment count! 
Take care everyone!
Love, Elder Warnick
P.S. I'm losing my English and not gaining my Hiligaynon
P.S.S. I'm covered in mosquito bites
P.S.S. (SPOILER ALERT) The church is true.

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