Sunday, 30 November 2014

Rainy days and progress

So finished the month of November sadly no baptisms this whole month... they kept falling through and getting pushed back due to the most random of things..So Elder Bragas 5' 2" he's from a province close to Quezon City I am his 17th companion and this is his 9th area! He has been out for 19 months he isreally good kind of weird haha he always sings to himself and has the weirdest laugh and not really disobedient at all in fact the first day that we were together he asked me how I wanted our companionship to go "disobedient, obedient, exactly obedient, or strictly obedient" so I told him exactly obedient and his words were "Okay elder, I will give you that one." He then went on to tell me how he has follow up trained 2 other elders and that he will help me become a great missionary! He has focused a lot on reactivating families that were less active and I was thinking to myself "well thats good but we aren't going to get any baptisms that way!" but apparently he knew what he was doing because at church this last sunday ournumbers were in the high 90sand we had a lot of LA's & Investigators at church BECAUSE the Less Active familes of course had REFERRALS! So it was good lots of progress and we finally got the ward involved with our missionary work! We had Missionary Coordination Meeting yesterday and it was my first one since I have been in the field! So things are definitely turning around! In fact I am starting to love the are and the people! I don't know what it is but I just love the investigators and such! Which probably means this December I am going to be transferred... Because President Lopez said he won't transfer you until you love your companion and area and so on...

CRAZY STUFF HAPPENED THIS WEEK! And by crazy I mean the hand of The Lord! After District meeting on Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Vinoya who lives in our house with Elder Pineda they are the Ward 1 missionaries so I worked in their area and I learned a lot! Most of their work is on the beach so it's really nice and fun! The people there are really humble and kind. Apparently there was a typhoon hitting Tacloban so we just got the showers from it and by showers I mean pouring rain for two days straight! It was crazy eventually I just gave up and accepted the fact that my umbrella wasn't going to keep my dry! haha
So I don't remember if I told you guys about the Tabanyag family? When I was with Elder Martin we met the mom outside one of our recent converts house and we got a return appointment. But after we started teaching her it was clear she wasn't really interested BUT she has three teenage girls that are super smart and generally interested! Sadly we never made much progress with them and and district meetings the other missionaries told us to drop them. Elder Bragas decided to keep pushing and inviting them to be baptized. I don't know what it was but after we established the goal of being baptized on Christmas they started doing so much better and they are following all our commitments! It was so cool to see after teaching the law of chastity the next day they weren't wearing short shorts anymore and we pushed and pushed for them to come to church and YESTERDAY THEY DID! It just feels so much different lately because I feel like they are actually MY investigators because I helped to find them and have got to see them progress since day one. SO if I DO get transferred on the 17th of December I won't be able to see them get baptized BUT I will be super happy to know that I helped them take the steps into the waters of baptism! 

I am sure there is a lot more but that was mostly the highlights of this week and this email is already long enough! Thanks for everything! Remember to smile and if you aren't figure out why and start smiling!
Elder Warnick

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