Sunday, 18 January 2015

A night in the hospital

So this week I stayed overnight in the hospital! 

We started out this week with exchanges! Because I am companions with the District Leader, the Zone Leaders do exchanges with us at least once a transfer. I worked in Bacolod 5th ward which is basically the heart of the city. I was with Elder Busselberg from Spanish Fork! We met at the bus terminal Tuesday night and switched companions, I spent the night in their house and in the morning we worked in their area we had 11 lessons and our last one was with a Pastor from Chicago! I was really nervous because I was expecting him to try and bible bash with us the whole time but he was way open to all the doctrine and actually agreed with it! The only hard part was teaching in ENGLISH! :)

I felt so worn out from the exchanges because my ZL really worked me hard and I learned so much! But once we met up our companions and ended the exchange I had the chance to shower and shave but then Elder Alfeche told me that we needed to go to the hospital because an Elder in our district was there. I stayed the night with him so that my comp and his comp could work in their area, they hadn't worked there for 5 days! I guess he got two parasites! And he goes home this transfer, so we are glad that he didn't get early released! I slept on this small metal bench that was like five and a half feet long so I was hanging off of it! It was the "Best Hospital" in Bacolod but it was super sketchy! So yeah I stayed a night in the hospital but I wasn't the one who was sick! haha Sorry if I worried anyone! :)

We had a "One Day Mission" this Saturday in our ward, they give everyone a chance to go and visit less actives and members. It was way nice to have all the help! It was basically a day where everyone goes and does their home teaching and visiting teaching-because that isn't really a big thing here.

It feels like a really weird week and I think that is because I only worked in my area for 4 of the days.. and now it is P-day again! It all goes by so fast! 
I have been reading JESUS THE CHRIST lately and just have been developing more and more of a love for our savior! It goes into so much detail of our selfless and loving he was and is!
*3 Nephi 5:13

"Papa Santa" (The Pope) made it to the phillies this week...
 This is the time where all the catholics come out from under their rocks and bamboo huts to proclaim to the world that they are catholic! It's kind of frustrating that even if they have no religion they claim to be catholic... When I was with Elder Busselberg we were about to start teaching a investigator and he was talking about the pope and Elder B was just like "That's good that's good, you know that's a false prophet though right? Alright lets start" it was so funny because it was so bold.
I think that is all I got from this super weird crazy week! 
Everything is getting better though, everyday is a little easier and the language as well! Thank you for your prayers and support!
-Elder Warnick

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