Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sweet Tooth

This week was really weird, but I am pretty sure that every week here is weird. It went by fast too. 
Our mission president went home this week because he got sick so we were without a mission president and still are without a mission president! There are rumors he is coming back but from the way they made his condition sound originally I don't think he will be coming back.

It was so hot this week and I really didn't think it could get any hotter but somehow it seemed like every day was getting hotter and hotter. Luckily at the end of the week it started raining and all the temperatures cooled down! 

On saturday we were working with a ward missionary just like always and were walking through the sugarcane fields. He asked me if I had ever ate sugarcane before, I said no so of course he cut some down for me and I tried it. It was super sweet but it was like chewing on a bunch of tooth picks! I don't think I am going to be doing it again any time soon. 

We had MPT this week which is Mission President's Training but of course our mission president was not there.. So basically we received training from the APs and Zone leaders. It was actually pretty good, it was about faith and how we can accomplish so many miracles through faith. They gave us all mustard seeds like in the scripture! 

Transfers were this week and everyone was wondering what was going to happen with our mission president being gone and even one of our APs is going home this week so President would be calling a new one. I think for the most part president had this transfer worked out already so he knew what he wanted to do because today there were so many transfers and everything got switched up. 
I replaced an elder in my district who is going home so now I am in the town over and am the senior companion... I am feeling super humbled by this responsibility but I am still excited to see what happens! Also most of the elders from my district in the MTC got transferred too so I saw them this morning which is always super fun! 
My new area is called SILAY. My new companion is Elder Pedroso from Baguio which is the coldest place in the Philippines. He is way chill and I think we will be a good team! I have already worked in this area on exchanges. It is like half city half bukid (mountain) I am excited to learn  and grow here!
Thanks again for the prayers and support! 
-Elder Warnick
We also made District t-shirts this week! Somehow my hair turned out red though! haha
The pictures are of me eating sugarcane, my house (the rainbow house) in Talisay, and Elder Rakuro he is leaving this week but is one of my favorite missionaries.

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