Sunday, 11 January 2015

I can't imagine my life without rice

Such a fast week this past week and it seems like things here are finally getting into a rhythm which means something crazy or weird is going to happen! 

This week started off by me going over to Silay our neighboring city. There are 4 elders who live and work there and they are part of our district so we did exchanges. I worked with Elder Reyes and we both got here at the same time! He was speaking Tagalog to them which you could tell they didn't understand too much. It was cool to work in another area, I have always liked doing exchanges. We even got to cross a river on a little bamboo boat. It was pretty legit.
We also ate at a place called Manginasal and it's unlimited rice which is like the equivalent of unlimited steak fries at Red Robbin. So yeah it is a big deal. You also eat with your hands there. I guess there is a technique to it! Seemed easy enough to me!
Zone training was this week and I was stressing big time because our Sister Training Leaders had asked me and Alfeche to demonstrate how to teach the importance of the Sabbath Day with relation to faith. It was supposed to be 15 minutes and 100% Ilonggo. Somehow we got through it and afterwards some Elders and Sisters were telling me that my Ilonggo was good and that I was going to be Zone Leader right away! I just laughed and was happy that the role play went so well.
We still were getting rejected this week because a lot of people weren't home and our next baptism candidate who is so strong and so ready to be baptized is starting to slip away because her mom doesn't want her to be baptized and she is 17 so there isn't really anything we can do about it.
We worked with members this week and after a long day of work Elder Alfeche wanted to take the four of us to a restaurant called "Ceeby's" we ate pork sisig which I learned after the fact is the face and ears of a pig! :) #sicknasty The funniest part was what came after we were done eating! I was talking to one of the members and she was asking me if we eat rice back home. I told her sometimes but definitely not as much as they eat here, and then she said the funniest thing and it sitll makes me laugh "Are you serious? I can't imagine my life without rice" I started busting up. It has become kind of an inside joke between me and my companion! 
We had an area broadcast yesterday and it was the area presidency talking to the Philippines about the area goals and missioinary work! 
That seems to be everything from this week!
-Elder Warnick

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