Monday, 9 February 2015

Do you know Robert Downey?

Well 6 months down and at first I was kind of feeling sorry for myself, I kept thinking to myself why the heck am I not fluent in this language, why can't I teach and perfectly discern needs of investigators.. but then I realized that I really have only been out for 6 months and that 6 months ago I didn't know a single word in HILIGAYNON.. haha so I actually feel pretty good about where I am and realized even if I can't speak perfectly I still can understand and get my point across.

We had the chance to meet the new mission president this week and his wife. President and Sister Ferrin, they had our zone over to the mission home and we just got to know them and introduce ourselves.

We also had exchanges a couple times and I was with Elder McCleary he has been out a month longer than me so we are both pretty new but it was super fun to work with him and we steet contacted some people and our way of approaching them was walking up to them and asking them if they knew
 "Robert Downey"haha they thought it was a real person and they were asking eachother where the "Downeys"lived haha once they said they didn't know we introduced ourselves and gave them a pamphlet.

This week was kind of crazy! I almost got to cast the devil out of some lady! She left mid lesson and we asked her daughter in law where she went and she told us she was getting possessed. Me and my comp looked at eachother and smiled and offered to help. The daughter in law said no thanks because apparently "she hurts people" when she is possessed like she gets super strength and stuff. The language is really coming and I can understand all these crazy people now! :)

Things are hard but I learn a lot when things are difficult. Only 18 months left to give it my all. It's still a lot of time and I hope I can become a better missionary!
I feel like I am leaving stuff out but that was the highlights of the week!

Elder Warnick

We crossed a river yesterday and this kid was pulling us across so that's one of the pictures. All courtesy of Elder McCleary's great photo taking skills.

Crossing River - Kid Pulling Us Across

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