Monday, 2 February 2015

Bring Your Own Rice

Such a long week.. I don't know what it was but it felt like 2 weeks! I guess a lot of that had to do with being in my new area and having the responsibility of being the senior companion.

Here in Silay I expected it to be a lot like my last area because they are right next to each other and it is still city! BUT what I didn't know is that I am assigned to a group way up in the Bukid (mountains) it's different than anything I have had so far on my mission and I have been taking a lot of stress from everything! You can tell from the picture below..

Also we go there everyday it's about 30 minutes away kind of makes days seem really long when you are doing the exact same thing everyday! But the area is nice. Fresh air. Cool temps. And some pretty strong Recent Converts! I have noticed that the language is a little different every where you go throughout the mission. It takes a little bit to adjust to the new area-kind of feels like starting the mission over everytime I transfer.

At church there was this guy who looked like the sandpeople from star wars! He was covered head to toe in clothes. and had a beanie and sunglasses on. He had like three backpacks and was only talking to us american missionaries! I guess he is literally crazy but comes to church every week. He had a bunch of "US NAVY" stuff that he handmade. I think he thinks he is a soldier. He kept saying stuff to me like "The righteous always protect the innocent" He had a paper that said somethime about World War 3 so I don't know what he is planning but he was one Buang gid lalaki (weird guy)

In Priesthood they were planning for some activity and something that I thought was funny was they said "make sure you bring your own rice" haha I'm pretty sure that is something you will only hear, here in the phillies.

My comp is SAGAD which means skilled! He is the "batch" behind me but filipinos are only in the mtc for 12 days so he has been on his mission since October. He is good in teaching in the language. I am always apologizing to him that I can't do more because I feel like I am always lacking it definitely feels like he is the senior comp! He told me not to worry we are both missionaries and we can do it together. I think I have the area memorized now but not all of the peoples names.

I love being in a house with 4 again! It's always fun! And we are a hosting apartment so that means that if anyone comes to Bacolod for meetings and needs a place to stay, missionaries stay at our house. Haven't experienced that yet but maybe someday!

The ward is good. I can understand everyone now besides a few words here and there. But speaking is still coming.

It rained a bunch this week too! Like poured! It was one of the only times on my whole mission that I was cold!

Besides all the stress I am still doing good. Thanks for the support.

-Elder Warnick

The pictures represent my week perfectly: the pic of me just shows how wrecked I was and the other one is one of the burning fields. So yeah take that how you want. They burn the fields before they plant again. And this week was so hard I just thought it represented it perfectly. This week was heck.

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