Monday, 23 February 2015


This week was fast! Last Monday after we were done with emailing we ate lunch and actually went out and did something fun! I had never done anything on P-days except for PREPARE. But we went bowling! It was so much fun! I didn't realize how long it had been since I had gone but I still won, but sadly my score was only 112.

Our investigator this week that was supposed to get baptized drank coffee.. Coffee seems to be the only thing that ever holds people back! At least with all the investigators that I have worked with! So we moved her date..

Wednesday was kind of a crazy day. I were on our weekly exchange that we do every Wednesday and we have a dinner appointment every Wednesday night with the other elders so we meet up there at the end of the night. Elder Pedroso and Elder Rosario came back that night looking a little shaken up! I guess they went to teach our investigator that always gets possessed and during the lesson she got possessed and ran off. They went after her and gave her a blessing. They were so scared the rest of the night.

Two days later when I went there the exact same thing happened.. BUT I didn't feel anything.(The kids were crying and it was pouring rain but that was the only thing that made is scary) I always thought if I was around someone who was possessed I would have felt the presence of the evil spirit.. but nothing. So we decided to just give her a blessing of comfort and almost right after we said amen she sat up and asked us if we had just got there-as if she had forgotten everything. After the experience we are convinced she isn't possessed but most likely has a mental problem like a multiple personality disorder. But it was still crazy! Possessed or not!

Our little group is progressing though! We had 24 at church so our attendance is going up every week. This week we should have 3 baptisms! And we might be getting a new area added on to our group! All our investigators are progressing and over coming their trials! One story of that is: that same family who last week found out they won the lottery and felt guided as they went to church was trying to overcome their addiction to coffee. The Nanay or mom was so persistent to overcome it because she has such a strong desire to get baptized. She had a pounding headache for the whole week but Sunday when we visited her she was so happy it was all gone! Blessing always come from following the commandments! And then they gave us fried bananas so it was a win win! ;) My new nickname from that family is 'baby'... despite the fact that I am the same age as one of her daughters and older than the other Nanay Cordero's daughters always call me baby because I guess I look so young and nobody believes that I am 19!

We made cool jerseys for our district and got them this week. It looks like the NBA logo in the corner but it says 'LDS' and it is the angel moroni!

So just working hard like always and trying to stay alive! Things are going great! And time is flying by so fast..

Thanks for the prayers and support! This transfer or "saylo" is halfway over so I am gonna work freakin hard this week!

-Elder Warnick

P.S. I finally memorized the first vision in Hiligaynon this week! :)

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