Monday, 16 February 2015

Plug Your Nose!

Well it seems like the weeks are starting to fly by in my new area, but sadly everyday is basically the same thing..

Our investigator Teresa who we visit every day-she's the one who has been possessed since she was 14 and it randomly happens. Every time we would go to her house this week we were expecting to have to cast out the devil but she was always is fine when we teach her. She told us more about some of her experiences and she told us that the day that she left mid lesson she couldn't look at us because "grabe ang kasanag" or our light was so great. I guess we were just glowing to her! I think that's kind of cool being missionaries people can see our light!

Sadly two of our investigators drank coffee this week and they were begging for us to let them get baptized but they needed to understand that it wasn't our decision they needed to wait two weeks until they could be baptized. They were pretty sad but on Saturday when we baptized the other girl I think they realized more of the importance of baptism and that it's not just a little thing and that we need to be prepared and worthy for it!

We did exchanges again this wee and me and Elder McCleary found this sweet family next to our progressing area-they live right next to the river that we baptize people in! But I haven't got to experience that yet! Maybe this week! Because we have one scheduled for this Saturday and two for the Saturday after that!

Saturday we had our baptism and it was kind of rough.. We had to wait an hour for our candidate to get there because she lives so far away from the chapel. I think we usually baptize in the river by our area but we combined our baptism with the sisters in our ward so we did it at the chapel. I baptized both of them but I didn't know how to say "plug your nose" in Ilanggo but I thought it would be common sense to plug your nose while you're going under water... I kind of forced her hand into her face hoping she would plug her nose and then I dipped her under. She came up fine so it all worked out, but it was pretty embarrassing.

Sunday was the craziest day, we went to our area in the morning for our special sacrament. NOBODY WAS THERE. So we walked around the town, stopping by our investigators houses and inviting them to come to church. Once we had made our way around and got to church there was 20 people there. I blessed the sacrament and was a last minute speaker. Teresa (our possessed inv.) came in the middle of sacrament but she refused to take the sacrament and me and Elder Pedroso could tell that she was different. She was possessed. She was hunched over and wouldn't look up. When I got up to speak after we had confirmed Liziel I started my talk about the holy ghost and then Teresa got up and sprinted out of the meeting house! She was possessed I guess she didn't like hearing about the spirit.

Later in the day we visited the Cordero family. They were a family that went to church for the first time this sunday. They own a store and they always refused to come to church because they needed to keep it open. But I guess they hadn't sold anything all morning and then we came and invited them to come to church so they decided to give it a try because they weren't selling anything. They told us on the way to church they felt as if they were being "guided the whole way" and then while they were at church they said they felt super comfortable and calm which I was super surprised because there was a lot of distractions and children being noisy. And the best part is when they went home after church they found out they won the lottery! They took that as an immediate blessing for going to church and

I guess now they are convinced this is the true church. We are going to give them baptism dates this week!

Well alright lots of words and stories but that was my week!

Palanga Taka!
-Elder Warnick

I got three packages this week and me and McCleary made smores like every night! 
Smores - Yumm!!!!!

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