Monday, 16 March 2015

Intestines of a Girl

I am pretty sure this has been the longest week of my mission so far and I have no idea why? My last two transfers flew by! So I am now in the Sagay Zone, Sagay 2nd ward. I am follow up training an American named Elder Baldwin! I thought that was so weird that my first American companion has the same name as one of my best friends.

Sagay is so big and so beautiful I somehow already got the area memorized though. This first week with E. Baldwin I told him he was going to lead the area and the lessons too. I could tell he was struggling pretty bad and I don't think he expected me to help him, so that's when I told him it was only the first week and then I would take over haha I think he feels pretty relieved now and because I am the one leading everything now I realized that I am a lot better than I thought it was!

The week was hard though, we were crossing some rice fields to get to an investigator and we had to jump across a muddy canal but right when I jumped across the ground my feet sunk in and I ended up tripping and our cell phone, fell in the water but those nice little Nokia's can't die!

So something new that I have never had is we have an english class every Saturday and me and my comp teach English to ward members and investigators. Teaching English is so hard!
I still have to study like crazy, but the nice thing about training is that everyone else thinks you are way good at the language haha.

Sunday I had to teach Gospel Essentials all by myself for a whole hour and it was so hard! But I think by pushing myself the way I am, I am learning a lot. I also had to give a talk on Sunday about service I don't think it was too bad but some times it's hard to express myself how I want to in a different language.

Things are good. The mission is fast. The church is true.

That's about it this week. I still don't have a charger for my camera... So I'm getting by with the last charge from my last area..

People were "karaoke-ing" all night last night so that was fun. But ear plugs are a missionaries best friend.

I ate chicken intestines this week and saw a rat the size of a cat.

*Quick funny story about the intestines.. so the ilanggo word for pig is baboy and the ilanggo word for girl is babaye and long story short my comp switched the two while we were eating and said "I wonder what intestines of a girl would taste like" hahaha

Take care!
-Elder Warnick

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