Monday, 2 March 2015

I don't Have a Catchy Title :)

Another week down.. It goes by faster and faster every time.

So this week we tried to get out to work early everyday and I think it really helped with our numbers and success. Me and Elder Pedroso got to our area around 1:00 so that we could use all the time we had because  our area is so far away we have to leave it around 6:30 or we can't get a ride back to the city.

This week the member that feeds us every week was having a farewell party for her son. All of us were there with there family and friends. It's kind of weird to think about how often people invite us over for parties and stuff because I don't think back home it would be a normal thing to invite the missionaries over to my birthday or something like that. But seeing him get ready to leave reminded me  of when I left and how life changing and emotional it is!

We had Zone Conference this week and it was probably one of the best conferences I have had my whole entire mission! It started at 10 am and we were about 15 minutes away by a jeep ride but nothing was stopping for us. Once we finally got a bus to stop and pick us up it was already 10 so wee felt pretty bad that we were going to be late. And apparently back in the day when our last mission president was here he wouldn't let anyone in if they weren't there on time! But the training's were amazing and our temporary mission president is the bomb! President Ferrin kind of looks like Pacho from Emperors New Groove and sounds exactly like him too (haha). He showed us the talk by Elder Holland "The greatest commandment" Basically telling us that we will always be missionaries even if our tags are gone.

On Saturday we had 3 baptisms! Which was super sweet! We combined our baptism with the other two elders in our apartment so there was 5 people getting baptized! We have another one next week and then two the week after that. So yeah we are super busy and transfers are coming up and I'm feeling like my comp is gonna be out of here, he has been here since November!

So Sunday our newly baptized never showed up to church so they couldn't get confirmed.. We have to wait until this next Sunday or we will have to baptize them all over again! Patience it's all just patience...

Elder Warnick and Elder Pedroso

Sorry if this letter is a little boring it just was a lot of work this week!

-Elder Warnick

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