Monday, 9 March 2015

Just Like John the Baptist

Crazy week come and gone as well as the transfer! It really is going by super fast and I don't really know what to say.. we had district meeting on Tuesday like always but it was the last district meeting this transfer and some of the sisters were going home so we took a big group picture. It really is weird how fast the mission goes by when I first got in the field these sisters had just got to their year mark but now they are going home this Wednesday!

We were working super hard this week making sure our baptism candidate would be ready for baptism on Saturday so we were visiting her everyday as well as just trying to find people! We didn't have any new investigators because we baptized them all! haha Not really we just had a hard time getting new investigators and finding potential Priesthood leaders!

Our baptism this week was at the AIDSISAW river. The lady we were baptizing lives really close to the river and wanted to be baptized there! I was all for it because I had never got to experience anything like that! But It was so cool and there were some people on the shore watching us and I don't know what they were thinking but they respected us as we performed the ordinance.

Sunday we got to confirm 4 of our investigators and it was my first time confirming in Hiligaynon.. But I did it and afterwards she said she felt the spirit so strong and felt like she was "lapit gid sa ginuo" or really close to the lord. We went home to eat lunch and we were all expecting transfer calls because every transfer week they do all the calls on Sunday. As expected they called and we found out that they were pulling us out. So another transfer for me and I found out I will be having my first American companion and I will have to be follow up training him. So that means he has been in the field for 6 weeks.. EXTREMELY HUMBLING! But I am excited to get started! I'm going to Sagay! (suh-guy)

Sorry I didn't write much I wasn't expecting to get transferred! I'm planning on taking a bunch of pics in my next area because I heard Sagay is Beautiful! \

-Elder Warnick

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