Monday, 30 March 2015

Fresh Milk!

I am so exhausted.. like dead.

So our area is huge like multiple kilometers huge.It's like hiking through the forest and mountains and such haha so it's way tiring and also because I am training I have to do most of the work. so yeah it's just really tiring but it feels great to be working really hard! So the work is hard but that's pretty normal! So ever since our mission president went home the numbers for our mission have dropped a ton, baptisms and number of lessons when I got to this area we basically had to start over because everyone that was an investigator had gotten baptized so we really didn't have anyone to teach, we have spent so much time trying to get new investigators and we ended up finding some new ones as well as some old ones the ones that are close to baptism didn't come to church and they can't get baptized unless they come to church so we have to keep pushing their dates back. But it is all part of missionary work!

So my area has one of the only two dairy farms on the whole island so me and Elder Baldwin decided to take advantage of that and we bought 6 liters of fresh milk.. we drank so much and it was so good but I realized my body wasn't really used to it so I felt pretty sick also the milk doesn't last as long here even if it IS in the fridge ;) only about 3-4 days before it starts stinking so yeah that's  the milk experience.

We had follow up training this week which was a super weird experience for me because it felt like I had just barely been there and now I was on the other side of things being the trainer! But it was extremely humbling and I got some good insights on how we can better improve our work! The bus ride was super long and it was weird to go past my former areas.

We are really just trying to live the vision here and the miracles should follow! The sad thing with some of our investigators is that they are from Manila so first they are Tagalog and Second they aren't going to stay here for ever they most likely are going back. But we still teach them regardless and they are some of our most progressing!

It may be another couple weeks before we start having weekly baptism but I feel like it is definitely worth it because we have put a lot of work into everything we are doing and even though I am so exhausted every night when we get home my mission has never felt so fulfilling as it is right now!

The language is good and the doctrine/teaching is getting better and better! Something we were trained on this week besides getting the missions numbers up was #BecauseHeLives the church in December took over YouTube the whole day and was showing "He is the Gift" so now they are doing another one for Easter! Go check it out on I am super excited for Easter and for Conference! YAY! You just enjoy things a little more on the mission! :)

So something really weird I realized this week is that a year ago I received my mission call and now I am here! It goes by so fast!

My card reader is like dead.. it stopped working and of course I still don't have a cord to my camera so I don't know how I can load some pictures... SORRY! I will try my best!

Miracles are happening here! Thanks for all the support and love!

-Elder Warnick

Actually the card reader just magically worked! Yes! #blessed so the pics are me putting on a smile even though it's so hot ;) and just a little more of the wilderness I get to work in! :)

Thought it was a cool pic there is two puppies and it's hard to tell whose head is whose haha

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