Monday, 18 May 2015

Sakit (Sick)

Really long week and a lot of stuff happened so I'll just start now! First off I'm pretty sick right now.. I was up all night throwing up, I'm not going to go into to much detail about it but yeah I'm sick and it's way hard to do anything right now but it was pretty lucky that it happened on a p-day because we have Zone Conference tomorrow.

Last monday was awesome because I got to skype! We skyped at the church at night and ended up getting locked inside! haha and the church was super secure so we were stuck for good but we managed to get a hold of some members and they got us out! Definitely a weird experience!

Things are going extremely well in one of our areas called BUGASOK basically it's a little village behind a sugarcane field and we are pretty much teaching everyone there! Our baptism this week came from someome who lives there!

Again sorry for the content of this email because I really am feeling palagput right now... But other then that the mission is really going great!

We contacted like crazy this week and found so many new investigators and part member families. It's so cool how when we contact Less Actives how much of a testimony they still have even though it's been forever since they went to church. Someone we are going to be teaching this week actually is a Priest from a different church he probably wants to Bible Bash and stuff but we are just going to show him the Book of Mormon.

Our baptism on Saturday was super awesome because a month ago CrisileJane came to church on her own and then we started teaching her and found out that her aunt is a Less Active and now she is baptized! She was so super shy but the baptism was super good!

Sunday was missionary Sunday so I gave a talk and it was about humility I feel like it went pretty well but somebody passed out while I was speaking so most of the congregation was focused on her.

Things are going good though and hopefully I can get over this sickness soon because it's not fun at all! ANYWAY the church is true!

-Elder Warnick

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