Monday, 11 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

So the week was way good tons of work and a lot happened. So we have a whole list of people to contact at our house and we worked super hard this week to contact most of them. Most of them seem pretty promising so we will have to see what will happen.

First off Happy Mother's Day! From the other side of the world. Sorry for the confusion too I didn't mean to get the skype time mixed up but I am looking forward to skyping later. Seems like I just barely skyped last month... the mission is way fast..

We had Zone Training this week and me and Elder Baldwin had to do a "special musical number" I feel like it was alright but I don't really know. haha I was shaking pretty bad and I'm definitely not a singer.

One of the nights when we were out working in our area we were trying to get back to a dinner appointment in the city but because it was already past 8 are chances of getting a tricycle were pretty slim. But this huge sugarcane truck stopped and the driver let us in it was pretty sweet and the guy was pretty nice but he didn't seem to interested but he did try to speak to us in english, if anything it was a pretty cool experience!

Mark's progress is going awesome he is down to only one cigarette a day and we gave him a blessing this week so that he would be able to have the strength to withstand the desire to smoke. It's hard because he really wants it but it's way hard for him but he's got a ton of faith.

I put on a picture of the nasty dog that is always barking at me but it still doesn't do the dog justice of just how disgusting it is.. haha

We had 3 baptisms on Saturday and it was really awesome because it's always awesome to have a baptism but they were all siblings so it was super cool to see them get baptized together. The older sister has work in the other town next to us so she wasn't able to get confirmed. We will do it next week and hopefully soon their parents will get baptized as well!

So the other night we were waiting to have a meeting but we were already in the city away from our area and we had about 20 minutes to wait for the meeting to start and we went and got mangoe shakes but on the way back to the church I totally tripped over the curb and was all over the street my arm got pretty beat up and I bet it scared some filipinos to see a big american totally eat it. I'M ALWAYS TRIPPING AND FALLING! oh well... at least I didn't spill my shake.

I'm super bad at this whole email things so if there are any comments or complaints let me know! ;) haha

-Elder Warnick

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