Monday, 4 May 2015

Just Pray for Us!

Another week! So things here are going super great! I know I say that every week but it's just what happens on the mish I guess that is when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing!

So remember Mark? We scheduled a family home evening (FHE) at his house this week and had planned on Bishop's counselors to go with us. We got to Bishop's house and no one was there! And that was where everyone was supposed to meet up to go to the FHE we waited about half an hour and I was thinking all hope was lost but 5 minutes later his counselors arrived and basically all the youth in our ward! And I'm not kidding! There was like 30 of us at the FHE it was so awesome! And so now Mark's family is way interested! YES!

The work was basically the same this week, we had been doing about the same thing everyday so we are going to try and mix things up this week!

Bishop's son got his mission call this week and it was way sweet because we have been working with him for months and now it's cool to see that he has a mission call too! He got assigned to Auckland, New Zealand! I was way pumped because that was like my dream mission! And it's super rare here for filipinos to get assigned outside of the Philippines!

Friday was one of the weirdest days here! I guess in the morning while we were studying there was a fight down our street and someone got stabbed.. we went out to drop something off at a members house and she called us inside super quick because she said it was dangerous! But nothing was going on everyone was just standing outside and then we went back to the house and there was a dead kitten outside our gate?? It didn't seem to bother anyone and the neighbors just picked it up and put it on a pile of garbage they were burning... So that's not even all of the weird day! haha when we were out working on the way to our next area these people pulled up to us in a jeep and offered us a ride so we took it and they dropped us off at our area. When we tried to pay they said "No, it's fine just pray for us!" I thought it was kind of funny.Alright and to end the weird day when we were trying to contact a former investigator we were walking around in an area that we had never gone to but when we were walking down the road this toothless lady with crazy hair motioned for us to come over to her, we walked over and asked if she knew who we were looking for she told us yes and where to go but as we walked away she was like cackling.. it was so creepy! And we never found the people! haha

Saturday was pretty good! We didn't have a baptism but we got to help the sister missionaries with their wedding at last minute I had to conduct the wedding! Yeah me! My first wedding I ever went to and I had to conduct it! It was a cool experience though! And they are getting baptized next week so it's way cool to see how people's lives change!

I think that was the week! It's finally starting to rain again which is so nice because it's been dang hot the last couple months!

The mission just keeps going and time never stops!

Thanks for everything! Love you all!

-Elder Warnick

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