Monday, 20 July 2015

LIving with a Ginger

This week was good! The new area is super different! Nothing like I have ever had in my whole mission! So I found out that E. Slater has only been here for about 3 weeks so he is way new to the area too! So we are basically just figuring it out together! I realized I never said what my new area is it is called CADUHA-AN (ka-do-wha-an)

My comp is way cool though! Elder Slater he's from Ogden, Utah. We get a long great and our only problem is that sometimes we get carried away talking! haha But he tall and has flaming red hair the kids always freak out when they see him! haha

First things first we live in our area. Like INSIDE we are in the middle of sugarcane fields and we don't have water! haha so we have to pump water into buckets every morning! Freak it's tiring!

Also because we live in our area all the members are constantly telling us that we aren't allowed to be outside after 5:30! I guess some missionaries back in the day used to get held up here! haha Don't worry we are doing fine and nothing seems too sketchy just yet!

The ward is good and we have a special sacrament! We have so much of everything in our area. Beach, sugarcane, mountain, city it's pretty crazy! We even have this weird little village of tiny houses that the government built for typhoon victims!

I think the hardest thing is because we are two Americans when we try going somewhere the drivers always try to jack up the prices and argue with us but E. Slater loves arguing with them he was on a roll one day and somehow got 25% off at JollyBee and later that night argued his way into an investigators house! haha

So for some reason no one ever stops to pick us up so we usually end up waiting forever to get a ride but this morning some cops were driving past and they asked us if we wanted a ride so we took a ride in the cop car this morning on our way to Cadiz.

There is some miracles in our area though. It's really hard to lead our Zone becuase we are the leaders so we have to get tons of lessons and stuff but we also had one baptism set for this saturday and somehow it turned into 4 so now we have 4 this week! It is a long story but basically the family we were teaching thought they were members but they had never been confirmed! We thought they were just Less Active!

It's crazy and fun in our area and I am loving being zone leader! haha It's really not any different than other missionaries but we get to make calls and I am super excited to give some trainings! 

-Elder Warnick

The picture is just an inside look of what it is like to ride in a tricycle here, you even got papa jesus on the windshield! :)

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