Monday, 27 July 2015

I'm Home!

Just kidding! Still in the Philippines! But this day next year I will be home! Yup one year left... just let it sink in.

We had a good week and it went by pretty fast! Lots of good and lots of not so good.

We did exchanges on Tuesday so that our district leader could interview our candidates and so that I could interview theirs! I was with Elder Baldwin again and it was super weird to be together again haha but it was super fun! We all met up again after working at 7-11 for hotdogs and slurpees!

And we finally have water again! I only went about a week and a half without running water and it really helped me to realize how nice it is to have water! We came home one night and realized that our house was pretty dirty and our yard too! And there were a ton of kids playing in the street so we paid them in oreos to clean up our yard! haha and that's when we realized we had water again!

Our investigators are doing super good! We have one sister named Girly haha and every time we go to her house to teach her she always brings a neighbor of hers! So she is constantly giving us referrals! And she may not understand all the doctrine but she knows the church is true! One of the times we were teaching her a drunk guy came in and tried to argue with us but she shut him up and testified of false doctrine! But her heart is in the right place!

We had 2 baptisms this week! It was supposed to be 4 but we got thrown a curveball the last minute! Literally the last minute! We went to the church for the baptism of Nerissa and her three kids but Nerissa IS a member! Our bishop told us that she got baptized a long time ago but never confirmed so that's why we were going to baptize her again! But last minute they told us that it was just the spelling of her name that was wrong on the records. So her other child was a child of record! But the three kids still got baptized!

The week was pretty much just work work work I thought we had our Zone Conference this week but they scheduled it for the 7th of August we are in charge of catering and of course Training! Our topic is crazy too! "The house of Israel and the Oath and Covenant of the priesthood" Wish us luck!

Palangga ko kamo! Salamat gid!
-Elder Warnick

-The pictures are of me and E. Slater on the broken bridge we have to cross to get to our special sacrament.

Santol Fruit - It's the most unsatisfying fruit in the world! You break it open and put the little pieces in your mouth and suck on is but you never eat any of it! It's just like sucking on a fruit pit but it's like a sweet and sour fruit!

This kid is a stud. Both his feet are crippled but he wears these rain boots and just runs around like a normal kid (I guess no other shoes will work)

Riding in a Tricycle

Me and Elder Slater on the broken bridge we have to cross to get to our special sacrament.

Village by the Beach

The Ocean

Weekly Planning - The house was actually designed by missionaries! So it's just the perfect missionary house!

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