Monday, 31 August 2015

Back to the Basics

After a week of scorching sun or pounding rain, I'm here again!

So it's been rough, I'm not gonna lie. We have a TON of expectations set for us as ZLs and some of the companionships in our zone would rather be buddy buddy with us instead of take things serious...and our ward is struggling so this week we went back to the basics.

WE VISITED EVERY MEMBER! We grabbed that ward directory and visited every single member this week! Okay not everyone because a lot weren't home, but we asked their neighbors about them and we got information on all the members! It worked out pretty nicely because there was a ton of LAs and Part Members so we are hoping it starts turning out.

We also had this random girl give us one referral and it turned out we found a whole new village with 20 new investigators! One of them already had a testimony about missionary work and her son (even though he is gay) wants to go on a mission now! haha weird

Me and Slater are doing good, we walk a lot, talk a lot and argue a little but it all helps us get better! And our cooking is actually getting pretty decent! Just a lot of rice and veggies to get us through the day.

We are here in Bacolod again, It's already time for MLC so I am pretty excited for that which means I will be giving my 3rd training this week! I am excited though!

We started this weird tradition where we find the weirdest, nastiest looking drink on p-day and then Monday night we climb to the top of our water tower and drink whilst stargazing.. this past week we had this weird milk soda called a "milky" The Philippines makes ya weird.

Speaking of weird, one of my best buddies Elder McCracken was just made our AP! YEAH! That's cool we started from the bottom and now he's there! When he called yesterday to grab our zones numbers we told him that we were voting for him the whole time! #McCracken2015

So the baptism didn't happen this past week, but that's okay because the girl we were going to baptize is now going to be baptized with her mom in two weeks! And we have a baptism this Saturday, I am pretty excited! It's been a while.

The area is really nice, it's super big, it goes from the beach to the rice fields to the sugarcane fields all the way to the mountain we basically have a little chunk of everything.

We have been doing a lot for everyone else lately and President said to just take care of the Zone.. but it's been hurting our area so hopefully we can turn that around.

I think I say this all the time now but I am just loving it! It's super hard but nothing has ever been so fulfilling! I am super glad that I am serving and I don't think I would trade any of this experience for anything!

Thanks for all the help and support!

Elder Warnick

Laundry Filipino Style

I finally got a picture of what it's like to do laundry Filipino style!

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