Monday, 16 November 2015


Sorry you haven't heard from me forever! So I guess I will just go off right now! 

So where do I start? I have a new companion; Elder Nonato, he's super chill and I was in the same zone with him when we were in Sagay. I am now Zone Leader 1 which basically just means I am training Elder Nonato on how to be a Zone Leader. Elder Derecho is now in the office haha I think I already said that but yeah he fits the job!
So about what happened... I don't really want to go into details but there was an elder in my zone who basically snapped. He wasn't himself. It was our job to get him to bacolod so the nurse could see him. But he just got worse and worse and he is now back home getting medical treatment. BECAUSE of that this last week at out Missionary Leadership Council we discussed stress and really being there for our companions. They said he is improving though it just was a sad thing to see happen to such a good elder.
On a happier note we had a baptism this week! So the twins I had been teaching since about September finally got the OK from their parents and so we scheduled their baptism interview and had our district leader go to their house and then we found out that their grandma was sick so one of the twins was in the other city watching her. SO we got half of the twins baptized... I really wanted a cool twin baptism picture and stuff but it's okay the other one SHOULD be getting baptized this week!
We don't have water. Again. haha I have been in this area for 5 months and this has become too regular of a thing. We have a big water tank by our house and when it's empty we need to turn on the maching that sucks the water up into the tank but every so often it just stops working so we have to grab out buckets and walk out to the pump and pump water! It's sick! :) not really haha
So MLC was great! President called us and told us to meet him downtown in bacolod because all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders were having a lunch. And then we bowled! President is so freaking good! He beat all of us! After the bowling I was sitting down talking to Elder McCracken and then President came up to me and was like "Elder Warnick, let's have a game of billiards!" I was kind of shocked-so we played billiards and.... president won again! haha he's a card. The next day though was the trainings and of course food! We had pancakes and french toast and I was almost crying it was so good! The trainings were really inspiring and later in the week I think we did a good job as well training our zone. 
President told us he was really impressed that we accompilshed out goals so he told our zone we could have a zone activity! So later today we are going to be eating CRAB! And we get to go bowling (it's all we really can do around here) but it's going to be super fun! I am pretty proud of my zone! 
The work is super good but I don't think I am going to be here for Christmas. BUT if I am that's cool too! We have been finding so many new investigators and they all accepted baptism dates. They have no problem accepting the message they just have a hard time coming to church.. But patience..

Thanks for everything! Really! I really missed talking to everyone because I wasn't able to email last time!
-Elder Warnick
Beach - Cadiz Viejo
Bituon sa dagat - Starfish
Elder Nonato and Elder Warnick
Bacolod, Philippines
Mission Leadership Council

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