Monday, 30 November 2015

The Countdown...

So it's already time for MLC again! So we are rushed again!

But I will do my best to get a good email out!

So this week was super busy! Like every week I guess! We spent almost everyday trying to get our training ready for our Zone Conference so it was pretty stressful but even though preparing for trainings is hard and stressful it's still a lot of fun!

We gave out a lot of baptismal dates this week because everyone who starts going to church can be baptized on Christmas and that's our goal! In fact at our Zone Conference we had interviews afterwards and President noted that I had been here a while like he always does when he sees me but he said that I will be here until the 28th of December. So I have one more month here, it's just kind of weird because this is the first time I have known before hand that I was going to be transferred. So the countdown begins.

Zone Conference was really good though! We were combined with another zone. So there was about 50 of us there. And they had us train last again! But I am pretty used to training now so I wasn't really too nervous. We gave our training about faith, the essence of faith and the unity of faith. I think it went really well and the catering worked out too! That wasn't too stressful! haha the worst part of it all is when we went home that night we got a text from the APs telling us "because of your diligence you have been selected to give a training at our MLC" so now we don't only have to give another training but we have to give one to all of the missions leaders... Yeah I'll let you know how that goes

We are just about getting ready to go to Bacolod because we are going to have lunch with all the leaders and have a "sportsfest" President wants to play basketball with us but I haven't played for about 6 months so we will see how well that goes!

The area is doing super good though! We have a lot set up for this month to be baptized and hopefully a whole family on Christmas! And the Matulac's dad on Christmas as well! This area has really just become like a part of home to me. It's going to be weird to leave but I feel like after Christmas I will have done all I was supposed to do for this area.

I almost forgot on Thursday we actually had thanksgiving! One of the Districts in our zone was setting up a thanksgiving dinner and they invited us to come we had mashed potatoes, chicken cordon bleu, shrimp, vegetables, some kinds of pasta and home made cookies! It was almost like thanksgiving. But it was fun to celebrate it with some other missionaries. Sorry I don't have any pictures from it! I'll have to grab some from them.

That's about it! Sorry the pictures are taking forever to upload... maybe next time?
Thanks for all the support! Serious it's the best!
Love you all, save me some turkey!

-Elder Warnick

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