Tuesday, 19 January 2016

He just walked!

Hope everyone had a great week! I sure did! :)

The week wasn't anything more than the usual but we were able to get a lot of work done.

We went on exchanges twice which was really tiring but it was great. The first time was after district meeting and I went to San Enrique, one of the district leaders areas and I was with a really new missionary his first area was my second area so we were able to talk about members and investigators and recent converts in that area. I feel like I was able to help him and his area because he was struggling a little bit. Their apartment is really only meant for 2 missionaries but they somehow have 4 Elders crammed in there.

I came back to the area and we worked for a day way up in the mountain. I am hoping that we stop working there soon because we don't have any investigators there and the less actives really don't want to see us... But the view is cool. It's just a time waster.

The we had exchanges again. I was really thinking and hoping that I was going to be with Elder Clayton, my MTC companion but I don't know it just didn't happen.. My comp wanted to go with him so yeah I just wanted to make him happy. While we were on exchanges though Elder Clayton got a cal from the APs that he was transferring. So it was a random transfer and we don't really know why but he left the next day. I was able to talk to him before he left and it was great to catch up with him and even though we didn't really have a great relationship i the MTC we are really close now!

Everything is changing in our area! My first week they changed the branch presidency and our new President is 23 years old and he has been home from his mission for about 6 months. But he is great! He is doing all the right things and this area is really going to start turning around! We have one baptism planned for the end of this month. It is a super nice old man named Jose and he walks to church and back every Sunday! We asked him why he walked and he said it was too frustrating waiting for a Tricycle! haha so he just walked!  It would be like walking from the top of Santaquin bench all the way to like Salem something like that I can't really remember Utah Geography.. haha but he is so awesome and he is a strong old guy. His wife should be baptized in the next couple weeks as well she just needs to get rid of her smoking problem.

I guess I really never talk about the language here but I am really going to miss speaking this language it's such a fun language and every thing is funnier in Hiligaynon! I actually started studying Tagalog pretty seriously this week so I'm just trying to broaden my understanding, they still use a lot of Tagalog in Hiligaynon so I just want to be able to understand everything

We contacted a family this week who looked super golden. But when we got to the house everyone literally ran away. But the nanay who was sitting there continued to listen to us. We could really see her honest desire until her husband came in, he immediately began criticizing us and everything we had to offer. We couldn't do much other then leave with a prayer and walk away. It's really rare here to come across people like that because mostly everyone is super friendly and inviting. So it's sad to see situations where people reject the truth right away.

On a more positive note when I went on exchanges this week I was with Elder Pedres and he is from Legaspi where Ammon Haymond served and so I asked him if he new a Elder Haymond and he did! It was the first time that has happened and it was super cool. The church makes it a small world for sure! 

I had a lot of cool pictures this week of the area but this computer isn't recognizing my card... That's what i noticed though. The further out you are from the city the harder it is to get a decent computer shop. Oh well I'll just keep the suspense going!

-Elder Warnick

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