Monday, 11 January 2016


I'm so tired! But we just keep going and going. I think that's just the whole point of it all we just give it our all and that's when we have success.
This has been my hardest area so it really is a challenge. I can see what needs to be done though to get things going.

So I realized I failed to explain a lot that has happened and what my new experience is! So my companion's name is Elder Ballesteros and he is from somewhere that sounds like LA ONION haha it's somewhere northern Philippines. He is super tall! Like 5'11" or 6' I'm only like and inch taller than him! But he is really skinny. He is the same batch as Elder Derecho and they only have 4 months left. Elder Ballesteros lets me know that all the time! haha Our area is in La Carlota zone but it's called MANGGAPSANG (mung-gup-sung) we are the most mountainous area in the zone and one of the most in the mission! We have a dairy farm about half a mile from our house and they have chocolate milk and yogurt-it's a big deal because it's not really a thing here!

MLC was really great this last week we had some great training on Finding and Learning and Retaining. I don't have my notes with me right now and so I don't remember everything President Barredo said but I remember everything I felt. And I really felt the spirit and the love that he has for us! He is such a great mission president. It's amazing how even though I have had 3 mission presidents they all have such great love and are really amazing men. Zone training was also great. Even though we are the smallest zone we set goals. Discussed Problems and things are going to start changing! I am just grateful that we don't have and difficult missionaries in our zone, everyone wants to have success and work hard! It's such a blessing for a struggling zone.

We went to the zoo today! Which was super fun! we never really do much for P-days and stuff so anytime that we do anything other than Basketball it's always a lot of fun. We almost got to hold a big snake too but there was some news crew that was there doing some segment and so I think we got on TV haha and we didn't get to hold a snake so lose lose.

If you have any questions about the area or anything just ask me because I always feel like I don't do a very good job with my emails!

Just really pushing through. Trying to do my best and figure out how to help these missionaries and the zone! Love you all!

-Elder Warnick

Cool Tree House in our area
Visit to the Zoo

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