Monday, 25 January 2016

I'll do Better Next Week

Changes again!

So I am getting another companion today! :) I'm not going to say my last companionship was bad. It just wasn't my best one. haha But I know my new companion and he is super cool! And he plays the ukulele soooooooooooooo we are going to be super close!

This week was great!

Tatay Jose came to church with his whole family even though it was really, really, really far away from their home. So he will be baptized this Saturday! And his wife shortly after and hopefully he can be the one to baptize him! It took a lot of work but we should start seeing some good success these upcoming weeks!

So we worked everywhere this week because I think my companion knew that he was going to be transferring. But it's cool, I know the area now and I'm just trying to find the focus area.

So the computer shop lost power twice so I am going to try and send this out before that happens again!

I went on exchanges again this week and it was really fun! I got to go to the other area with Elder Rivera he's Canadian haha it was fun! When we got home from exchanges we didn't have any power in their house because the wind had been so strong it had cut a wire. You would think we wouldn't be able to get anyone to fix that late at night but there is always someone!

The APs called randomly last night saying that E. Ballesteros was transferring so after we said goodbye to members he packed and I got all the numbers for the week for the zone! I was only with him for 4 weeks which is super fast. I am really excited for the changes.

Sorry this email is short and not really exciting. This Computer shop is really frustrating. Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!

-Elder Warnick

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