Monday, 8 February 2016

Happy Chinese New Years

I don't know if today is going to get crazy or anything but it's Chinese new years! This week was good. We kind of got cut short a couple days with MLC and all but we still had an effective week.

Last Monday we went up to Bacolod and did all the normal stuff we do there. I met up with Elder Slater and we went to this Burger place called KAU-KAU which I have been searching for, for a long time because my MTC teacher told me it was awesome. I got the Broke da mouth burger.

The MLC was another good one as well. We got to watch the Missionary Broadcast and that's what they wanted our trainings to be centered on. The weirdest part of the MLC was at the end they had the testimonies of the missionaries that will be departing this week and the Sister Missionaries from my batch when we were in the MTC are now going home... They are already done!? It was so fast.. It was a reality check for sure on how fast it really is. But both me and E. Cagampang felt super inspired after the trainings so we really wanted to help our zone feel what we felt.

The Zone Training was great as well. A lot of the missionaries were participating even more than usual so we are really trying to build the trust of the zone so that it's more like a family! Because it's hard when they just don't care.

We have been doing a lot of finding because... we just really need to find people that will do something. Our other investigators love having us stop by but they don't really have a desire to do anything. But Sister Mesobre is really progressing! She went to church again and Tatay Jose's wife really wants to be baptized. We gave her a blessing to help her overcome her addictions to coffee and she hasn't been drinking since. Tatay got the priesthood on Sunday so the plan is for him to baptize her this Saturday!

We went to some sweet waterfalls this morning so that's why I am kind of late to email! But it was super fun! Our whole district went and we took a jeepney up the mountain for about half an hour and then we hiked to the waterfalls-it's always nice to have a waterproof camera! It was a lot of fun! It felt weird to walk around in regular clothes but it was one of the only times where I have done something on p-day. Usually it's just buying groceries, emailing and basketball.

So on the 18th this month President Nelson is going to be coming to our mission! I'm super pumped! I don't really know what to expect but I know it's going to be good!

I love this area. I love this zone. And of course the mission is sick!
Kaluoy sa inyo kay wala kamo di!

Thanks for the love!
-Elder Warnick

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