Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Lub Day

That was a fast week! Yeah V's are pronounced as B's here so go figure.

So happy valentines day I guess? They didn't really celebrate it here but I saw some people sporting pink and red. I actually forgot it was Valentines day! Oh well there's always next year! ;)

Anyway we did work this week! And we had miracles.

So we have been really focusing on two areas in our area one is called Yubo and the other is San Miguel. Yubo is the progressing area and that's where basically all of the recent converts are. But San Miguel has a lot of Part-member families so there is a ton of potential. That's where Sister Mesobre lives and we had a miracle with her this week! We weren't able to teach her, she was always busy and so we were nervous that maybe something would happen and she would lose her desire. But we were able to teach her saturday night before sunday morning and we needed to teach her about the word of wisdom so that we could find out if she had any problems with that, she was agreeing with everything we were teaching and then we decided to extend a baptismal invitation and before we even said baptism she said Huo ah! which means YES with a capital ! And her other son who lives in Bacolod is going to baptize her! BUT that's not all! Her next door neighbors are also her family and the mother has two RM sons and she came to church with Sister Mesobre and she wants to be baptized too! So I guess that's what we are going to do in this area-baptize all the parents of RMs? haha BLESSINGS!

So Nanay Loyda got baptized! And it was awesome! The whole situation could have gone either way! Because leading up to her interview she was still smoking! She had got rid of her coffee problem but she was still smoking. But the interview went great she passed everything but Elder Rivera told her if she were to stop smoking in that moment for the rest of her life she could get baptized. And that's when you could tell she really wanted to be baptized. We fasted too just to be sure! The day of her baptism was great, everyone was super happy and we totally thought that Tatay Jose was going to baptize her but he didn't bring any extra clothes and he said he didn't think he could do it because he's old so Elder Cagampang jumped into one of those baptizing suits and performed the baptism.

Everyone is getting ready for the arrival of President Nelson and we are all excited. President Barredo told all of us that we need to practice our sitting and standing? haha Yeah he wants it to be super professional. It's going to be so awesome! I saw the seating arrangement thought and my zone is in the back.. hmmmm it's okay we still get to see an apostle of the lord!

Sorry this computer shop isn't letting me send pictures.. I'll try again next week because I got some sick ones!

-Elder Warnick

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