Monday, 1 February 2016

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It was a great week!

So this week was different because everything was on me. I was leading and planning and doing everything because I was teaching E. Cagampang the area. But it was a lot of fun and we had some miracles this week!

So when I first got here nothing was really happening in the area or the zone, and I was trying to figure out how I could get things going. But this week was awesome. Because I got Elder Cagampang! It is his first time being a Zone Leader so he is super eager to work and it's kind of bumpy at first because we are basically starting over with the area but it's going to be great!

E. Cagampang is from Quezon City and he just barely hit his year mark. He plays the ukulele and he has a really nice one at the house so yes. I am playing the ukulele again! It is awesome.

So we have a 'Nanay' in our area and she has a son serving a mission all her kids are members but she isn't and the missionaries have been teaching her forever. Me and Elder Ballesteros would stop by and share scriptures verses with her but we weren't challenging her to go to church, read or pray and so when E. Cagampang got here I really wanted to teach her, like real teaching and so we did! She kind of got defensive when we taught about Christ's Church because she is Catholic but she was still really nice. We tried to go back and teach her a couple days later and she wasn't there so on the way back we actually saw her. We said hi and then she said "We will be at church, Elder" We weren't able to go back the rest of the week and we were planning on picking them up on Sunday but we didn't. I just felt like we didn't need to, and when we got to church they weren't there... So then I started feeling dumb, like we should have picked them up and guess who walked in the door right then? Nanay! and her kids! If she keeps progressing she can be baptized this February and I couldn't help but imagine how much it will mean for her son on a mission.

We also had Jose's baptism! It was perfect! We were eating lunch and got a text that they were already at the church.. 2 hours early! So we rushed over there, took some pictures and had his baptism and he had a super strong testimony! We were hoping that we would be able to get his wife and daughter baptized as well but his daughter is going back to Manila this week.. So Tatay Jose will still be able to baptize his wife! And hopefully the missionaries in Manila contact the daughter.

We had exchanges with the APs this week and I was with Elder Martinez. He was assigned in my area and it was cool for him to come back he has 2 weeks left so it puts things in perspective. He was good though, he is excited to go home but he is still working hard. That's how it should be.

So we are going back to Bacolod today for MLC again! Haha it should be fun! I need to buy some new shoes bad! one of them basically has no bottom! It just got worn through! That's what happens when you are in the mountains I guess!

Elder Warnick, Tatay Jose, and Elder Cagampang

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