Monday, 29 February 2016

Hospital... Again

So last year  I remember staying a night in the hospital for someone in my district that was sick. But this time it wasn't someone in my district... it was my companion. Yeah it wasn't me again! Don't worry. So what happened was last week Elder Cagampang was feeling a pain around his bellybutton but we really didn't think too much of it and by Monday it was gone, but Tuesday morning he couldn't even get out of bed to get ready and study. But he eventually did and then we went to district meeting. But you could tell he was in a lot of pain. We texted the nurse and she asked for all the symptoms and before we knew it she told us to come to Bacolod for a check up.

We made the trip and met the nurse at the bus terminal and she took us to the hospital we went in for his check up and the doctor was pretty sure that he had a appendicitis so we went to the ER and they did a bunch of tests on him and he got a ultrasound but they couldn't see his appendix because he's too fat! haha We laughed about that but of course it hurts for him to laugh. We spent one night in the hospital and the next morning the doctor came in, checked up and told him that he needed to have the surgery. So before I knew it I was alone! They drugged him up and took him away! I was able to come down and see him when the surgery was over and they showed us his appendix-he was so out of it he sad "kaonon naton" which means lets eat it! hahaha yeah for the next two days he was recovering in the hospital and I did exchanges with one of the District Leaders so that we could get everything ready for our baptism. Because even though E. Cagampang was bed ridden, President still wanted our baptism to happen. And it did! E. Cagampang came home on Friday and we had the baptism on Saturday!

The Baptism actually was one of the best ones I have ever had.Sister Mesobre was reallly excited for her baptism and her son was the one to baptize her! It was his first time baptizing someone so he actually had to do it 4 times. But it was really good and we read a letter from her son on a mission, so it was a really great service.

We haven't really been able to work this week obviously so it hurt our area but it's expected when one of us had surgery! E. Cagampang is doing good now, we are just taking it easy! We actually are going to Bacolod again today for MLC and we have to go back for his check up on Friday so it's going to be another rough week for the work.

But all in all we still are seeing a ton of miracles and the zone is still improving.

-Elder Warnick
Sister Mesobre Baptism

Elder Cagampang at Hospital for Appendix Surgery

Food - When you are in the hospital

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