Monday, 4 April 2016

Eye to eye?

This week had it's ups and downs but through everything you can always see the miracles.

Truth is this week was just work, work and work. And my SD card broke. I still got all the pictures I just can't take any more with it. It's cool though we are going to Bacolod today and I will be getting a new one. But I did take some sick pictures.. I'm just not sure if I can send them.. I'll work it out for next week. Promise.

This week was a week of Fiestas. Which means less work because less people. BUT we got some sweet souvenirs from the "Banana Festival" haha how cool is that?

We started teaching the older sister of our second councilor. And she has been golden! Her husband had a stroke so he isn't really able to come to church but they love listening to the missionaries and sister went to church on Sunday she also accepted a baptismal date right away. :) We are still trying to find out a way that we can help brother get baptized as well even though he can't really get around. It will all work out.

After Baptizing Tatay and Nanay Deramas and most recently Inovelyn it really has made the rest of their family really want to be baptized! Inovelyn's mom has been coming to church and this April is going to be a good month for the zone and our area. Or we thought... for us but we had a meeting with our branch president which was supposed to be a good thing but he went all crazy on us and was concerned that our investigators weren't meeting the standards of HIS mission. We tried to explain that qualifications for baptism are different in our mission but he isn't going to let some people be baptized until next month..... patience...... he still is a good Branch President but sometimes it's hard to see eye to eye with RMs.....

Sorry I don't have too much write for this week because that was about it. The area is great we just need to do some more finding and the zone is amazing!

-Elder Warnick

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