Monday, 18 April 2016

Your Mom is calling you!

I almost didn't even send an email! Sorry! Hopefully this is a good one!

So me and Elder Cagampang kind of did an evaluation of what was lacking in our area/companionship we realized we are obedient but we could do better-being exactly on time for studies and praying more as a companionship. Little things like that, that make a big difference. Like we were able to see small things happening, little blessings.

We had exchanges this week with the APs. It was kind of all of a sudden kind of thing but it was good. Elder Derecho and Elder Cicon are our APs right now and I was looking forward to get to work in the APs area with Elder Derecho because I have never got to work in their area and It's always fun to get to work with former companions. But Elder Cicon wanted to work in our area with me, which was still fun because he is super chill and hes a great AP. WE FOUND SO MANY PEOPLE. A typical question leaders ask when they go on exchanges is "what do you want to learn?" I told him I wanted to get better at OYMing (open your mouth-approaching people and sharing a quick message and asking for a return appointment) and help with focusing on a new part of our area. We just talked to everyone we would just walk past people say hi and see if they would respond and if they would we would stop for a little bit and talk to them. The trick was to make them laugh or even in someway get them to do some kind of little service for you like let us in their house out of the heat or get some water. Because according to the APs people are more likely to progress and be baptized if they serve you (helps them develop christlike attributes) It was super fun. Elder Cicon is super chill, he's like a hipster kid from California! He's half filipino half american-we had a good time.

We finally got a referral! It's just not a very common thing for our area but we got one and it was super close to an area where we usually work. We went to there house and asked for Jerlyn and she came to talk to us she seemed super nice and really willing to talk! BUT as soon as she came over to us her old nanay who was showering at the moment (they shower outside with their clothes on haha don't worry) started yelling at her "your mom is calling you" was what she was saying and NO ONE was calling her.. so we were frustrated because the old nanay didn't want her to talk to us so we just gave her a pamphlet and left. BUT we are going back because yeah we still see some potential AND I had a dream last night that we were at their house teaching the whole family SO it's probably revelation or something. :)

But when we left that house we had someone come up to us and tell us her aunt wants to listen to us so we went over to her and she was speaking English! She is from Sacramento and her husband died a while ago but she is originally from here. She told us to come back so that we could teach her I guess she was taking the lessons back in America! So we will see how that goes!

Yesterday was awesome! We had a lot of people come to church and our 2 candidates for the 23rd got interviewed so they are all good to go. One of them had her husband come with her and he had a stroke a while ago so that was super hard for him to make it to church but he loved it!
We also had another FHE last night way up in the mountains it was fun and we walked all the way home again.

I'm tired but I feel good.
Thanks for everything!
Elder Warnick

BTW the picture is some native kids running around throwing carabou poop at each other. haha I love this place.
Kids throwing Carabou poop at each other
Stone steps in our area

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