Monday, 11 April 2016

You are worthy to rescue.

This week was pretty much the same as usual. We had MLC on Tuesday and it was great. I think the APs really tackled the problem of what the mission has been facing recently which is we aren't the mission we used to be and we need to come back to where we were at. We need to get better. All of MLC was great it just was super crazy hot in the apartment we stayed at.. It was probably the hottest night of my life so I didn't really sleep and I was super tired for the meeting the next day. But I didn't fall asleep!

After the MLC we were hoping to get back to our area and to be able to work because usually they go all day and this time they made sure to have it end early enough that everyone could go back to their areas and work. But Elder Cagampang had a check up for his side where they took out his appendix. We ended up waiting like 2 hours and then the check up was only 5 minutes. Go figure.

Zone Training was great as well! The APs decided that they wanted to attend ours and they gave a 15 minute training to the zone which really helped a ton. Basically all the things that we forgot to say or weren't able to get across to the zone they were able to deliver. The Zone is definitely improving. We went from "the worst zone" to according to the APs maybe the highest baptizing for this month! BUT the month is not over yet and it's pretty dependent on the next 2 weeks!

Part of the zone training was about becoming more efficient and not teaching non progressing investigators but letting them know that we love them we just can't hang around with them if they aren't willing to take those steps in their lives to change. So basically we only have half of the investigators that we used to.. it was hard but it's going to help so much more.

General Conference was great. It was my last one here in the mission. And it was a great one! We always have our general conference a week late. But it's still just as good! I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about how we all have been lost. He hit it. And he always has sick ties! :)

So we were able to have a Family Home Evening last night at the Deramas home. That's where 3 of my Recent Converts from this area live and we have been working with Tatay and Nanay's daughters and NOW there husbands to hopefully get them all baptized. It was so simple but so fun last night. We had a great lesson by their son-in-law who is an RM and then me and Elder Cagampang were in charge of the games. And they cooked a lot of food even though they are super poor! It was great!

Thanks for all the support! Hope everyone is doing great! If not, take a nice bucket shower to cool off! :)

-Elder Warnick

Fish Wallet

Fish Wallet

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