Monday, 25 April 2016

100 days kuno...

Someone told me I only have 100 days left on the mission... really? Probably just s short email this week and the computer isn't letting me send pictures again. I'M SORRY. This computer shop is awesome.. *sounds of screaming rats in the ceiling and walls*

So we held a Emergency Zone meeting this week because we really wanted to tackle some problems that we saw in the zone. Our zone is still improving great but E. Cagampang noticed something that happens every month: Everyone plans their baptisms for the month and our vision of our mission is to have weekly baptism.Yes its hard but with the right planning and finding it is possible. But the problem that we saw was people had baptismal dates for their candidates for the beginning of the month but because they weren't completely prepared they would get pushed to the end of the month or get lost and maybe not even baptized. It's kind of hard to explain because I guess it's only a thing here in my mission but we tackled the problem and helped the other missionaries to understand about proper planning and finding everyday.

The next part of the week was Elder Cagampang's birthday! It's pretty hard to do anything here on birthdays but we still tried to make it fun. We went to 7-11 and got some food and that was basically about it. The sisters gave us some cupcakes so that was awesome.

The work was hard this week though because they have been preparing for fiestas in almost every area of the zone. Which means investigators are making floats, practicing dances and setting up the plazas which basically means less lessons because no one is home. But it was still could because it kind of forced us to find new people! And it is finally getting close to the rainy season it's been pounding rain randomly everyday. I love it. :/

The baptisms on Saturday were awesome. We had 2. One of them was Irian who is the daughter of two of our recent converts and we baptized her daughter Inovelyn last month. Our other baptism was Veronica who we actually OYMed and she just happened to be the sister of the second counselor of the branch he was able to baptize her! It was a great day and everyone was so happy and their testimonies at the baptism were great. The only problem was after the baptism me and Elder Cagampang went home to eat and we got sick like right after we ate. It was only for a day but man we got wiped out.

Hope everyone back home is doing great!

-Elder Warnick

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