Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Well lot's of changes!

My area is amazing! It is so cool! We are up in the Bukid (mountain) above Bacolod City the best part about going home at night is you can see all of the city lights!

When I first got into the area I was thinking that it was was going to be super hard like my last area super far and high up in the mountains BUT when I got there it is ALL cemented and the houses are pretty decent! There is a lot of potential for the area.

I was only with Elder Lacdao for one week! The fastest companion I have ever had! Luckily I think I learned the area and I know most of our investigators. The truth is I went into the area with the expectation that my companion was super disobedient and that I needed to fix him. BUT what I saw was he was just tired haha he was exhausted and we worked super hard! We were out all day until 9:30 every night! I loved it and we didn't have any problems as a companionship!

So. I was really confused yesterday when the APs called us and told us that Elder Lacdao would be transferring. My first thought was that I would be training. I hadn't trained yet and I did transfer into the area a week early before the real transfer. We said goodbye to members and then we went home. We went to Bacolod this morning and that was when they took me behind the desk and told me that my area was now the Assistants area (AP's). TOTAL SURPRISE. But I am excited to get the area going and my companion is another American who goes home in 6 weeks. It's going to be great!

I will definitely have more to say this next week and hopefully someday in the near future I can send PICTURES! Anyway I am taking them I just haven't been able to send them.

Happy Mothers Day again!

-Elder Warnick

Mother's Day 2016 Skype with Family

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